John Woodcock MP

Nationalist posturing over Trident gets us nowhere

John Woodcock MP  |  20 January 2015

The UK’s nuclear deterrent will always be a controversial issue for the country and its politicians. That is understandable: the prospect of nuclear holocaust is so grotesque that many simply will not countenance their taxes being spent on a system that could – even in theory – inflict it. Some members of all parties, including …

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Taking a stand against bogus self-employment

John Woodcock MP  |  16 December 2014

More people in the United Kingdom are classifying themselves as self-employed than at any time since records began, now accounting for over 15 per cent of the workforce. The rising number of self-employed workers has been a major driver of recent employment growth. In many ways this is a symptom of a changing economy, linked …

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Hunger to win

John Woodcock MP  |  15 November 2014

Black humour can be a good way of getting over traumatic experiences, and there is no doubt that the leadership turmoil surrounding Ed Miliband has been deeply unsettling. In the spirit of moving on so we can regroup, some in Westminster are suggesting that the week of speculation over the leadership has been Labour’s equivalent …

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