Rethinking counter-terrorism: small wars

Ayesha Carmouche  |  10 March 2014

Modern terrorism has shown itself to be a borderless and unyielding threat to us all. 9/11 confronted us with this uncomfortable truth, as we witnessed attacks that were planned and orchestrated in safe havens thousands of miles away from intended targets. Over the last decade, we have slowly adjusted to this new reality. We have …

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Rethinking counter-terrorism: the local dimension

Virendra Sharma MP  |  4 March 2014

In Ealing Southall there is one of the highest concentrations of south Asians in the UK. Though they now call Britain home there of course remains a strong connection to the countries and communities from which they or their parents came. My diaspora constituents see events in India and Pakistan through a unique lens, and …

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Rethinking counter-terrorism: drones and targeted killings

Richard Howitt MEP  |  24 February 2014

Malala Yousafzai recently told Barack Obama that drone attacks are fuelling terrorism in Pakistan. There are few people more opposed to the Taliban than Malala. They tried to deny her an education, and then they tried to take her life. So when she says drone strikes are making things worse, we should listen. We should …

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Rethinking counter-terrorism: lessons from Iraq

Andrew Noakes  |  17 February 2014

All being well, in 2015 Labour will return to government and regain control of Britain’s defence policy. Once again the primary threat we face will be from international terrorism – the dangerous, globalised nexus of ideology, networks, and conflict that links wars in places like Syria, Afghanistan, and Nigeria to extremism, radicalisation, and home-grown terrorist …

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