Monday Politics

Frontline 40

The faces of our 2015 majority

Jacqui Smith  |  7 April 2014

Today I want to pay tribute to the work and sacrifice of our prospective parliamentary candidates and to consider their pivotal role in achieving a Labour majority. There have been some great selections over the weekend and in recent weeks and those very able candidates have got a lot of work ahead in the coming …

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Riot police

Why water cannon are not the answer

Jacqui Smith  |  24 March 2014

This weekend, the Telegraph published a letter from members of parliament, peers, campaigners and union leaders opposing the Metropolitan police and mayor’s call for the authorisation of water cannon use. Irritatingly, the letter was signed by some people who have opposed almost any developments of police capability ever, but there were plenty of others who …

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Immigration: The crude cap problem

Jacqui Smith  |  3 March 2014

This week’s thought is ‘inspired’ by Nigel Farage and Liam Fox. Inspired in the way that a nasty smell might force you to clean out your drains, but nevertheless you’ll see what I mean. This weekend, Fox argued in a Sunday Telegraph interview that the Tories should stop focussing on what he called the ‘statistical …

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The job’s not yet done

Jacqui Smith  |  17 February 2014

The other night on BBC Question Time, David Starkey suggested I was a ‘token woman’ as home secretary as a way of suggesting that more women weren’t necessary in politics. As in so many other things, he was wrong about that – I’m proud of the whole of my 10-year ministerial career. However, here’s a …

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UCH hospital

Time for ‘people power’ in public services

Jacqui Smith  |  10 February 2014

I had begun to worry that the panda which represented the public service elements of our policy review wasn’t just not pregnant, but had taken a vow of chastity. However, this week we can welcome a flurry of activity and ideas on the role of the state and public services. Ed Miliband’s Hugo Young lecture …

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NHS hospital

Can Andy Burnham rescue the NHS without reorganising it?

Jacqui Smith  |  4 February 2014

Andy Burnham delivered a ‘state of the NHS’ analysis during a One Nation event in Birmingham yesterday. It certainly made very depressing, although not unexpected, listening. I wondered what we should learn from this government’s abject failure even to deliver on its own reform objectives for the NHS and where it leaves the plans for …

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50p piece

50p doesn’t let us off the hook on spending

Jacqui Smith  |  27 January 2014

High rate taxpayers flocking to the front of today’s papers to criticise the 50p tax rate proposal are partial and disingenuous at best in their analysis. Corporate tax rates, confidence in growth prospects and the cost of and access to investment are surely more important to jobs and further growth than the personal tax of …

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Police Federation

Building a better Fed

Jacqui Smith  |  21 January 2014

I’ve had some pretty lively times with the Police Federation, as Chris Mullin described in his diaries: Jacqui Smith has upset the Police Federation by staggering their pay increase, with the result that they all lose out on a couple of hundred quid … We are being bombarded with letters full of words like outrage, …

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Iain Duncan Smith

Learning from the universal credit shambles

Jacqui Smith  |  10 December 2013

However Iain Duncan Smith spins it, it seems clear that universal credit is a policy in trouble. What should future Labour ministers learn from this experience? IDS won some respect for thinking deeply about welfare reform while still in opposition. He set up the Centre for Social Justice which produced interesting ideas on early years …

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Feeling good is no substitute for doing good

Jacqui Smith  |  4 November 2013

Next week, I’ll be speaking at the Labour Women’s Network Political Day in the session on ‘Will Labour win from the centre or the left?’ One of my arguments will be that it is only in the centre of the political spectrum that we will find the policies and the support to get elected in …

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