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Metropolitan police officer

Time to put security above political calculations

Jacqui Smith  |  1 September 2014

The last time the terror threat level was raised was in my first few days as home secretary in 2007. This followed the failed car bomb attack in London and the attack on Glasgow airport. At that time, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, comprising key intelligence and security agencies and analysts, which determines the threat …

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Jeremy Clarkson

How have the BBC got it so wrong on Clarkson?

Jacqui Smith  |  4 August 2014

I am so disappointed by the BBC’s feeble response to Jeremy Clarkson’s racism. Of course, Clarkson is responsible for his own Neanderthal views and I expect little from him. However, I still think the BBC is a national treasure which (largely) upholds the values of decent journalism and inclusive broadcasting. So how have they got …

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10 Downing Street

The only reshuffle which matters

Jacqui Smith  |  14 July 2014

I always tried not to indulge in reshuffle speculation when in parliament, but essentially all those ministers who pompously announce that they are ‘just getting on with the day job’ and not thinking about the whiteboard and post-it notes in the corner of an office in No 10 are big fibbers. I even used to …

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Stonebridge estate

Redistributing power must be our priority

Jacqui Smith  |  23 June 2014

On a recent long car journey, my husband and I were passing the time with the sort of idle political questions which fill long hours – who’s the best ever Labour leader (easy); who’ll be the next Tory leader (more tricky!). Finally I posed the question – ‘if you had to choose between redistributing wealth …

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Theresa May

Preventing harm to Prevent

Jacqui Smith  |  9 June 2014

I can understand David Cameron’s frustration this week. A win at Newark (albeit in the 40th safest Tory seat) and the Queen’s speech (even a thin, feeble one) have been overshadowed by the egos and leadership ambitions of two of his cabinet. The Gove-May spat is pretty breathtaking even for those of us who have …

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The Fed’s future is in its own hands

Jacqui Smith  |  19 May 2014

Back in January this year, I wrote a piece on the Normington Review of the Police Federation.  I wished the Fed luck in carrying though the sensible and vital reform outlined in the report. Four months on, there is little evidence of reform, but several high-level resignations including the officials who commissioned the review, allegations …

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Rwanda women parliamentarians

Platitudes just won’t cut it any more

Jacqui Smith  |  12 May 2014

What do Rwanda, Kazakhstan and Tunisia have in common? Their parliaments have a higher proportion of women MPs than the UK. In fact, we’re 58th in this league table. And what about how that translates into government? France, Italy, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Romania all have a higher proportion of …

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We need to do more than just condemn Ukip

Jacqui Smith  |  28 April 2014

I have spent most of the last fortnight working abroad, so I have not been out campaigning for Labour on the doorstep and I have got most of my political news via Twitter. This puts me in exactly the worst place to reflect on Labour’s response to the United Kingdom Independence party poster campaign, but …

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Frontline 40

The faces of our 2015 majority

Jacqui Smith  |  7 April 2014

Today I want to pay tribute to the work and sacrifice of our prospective parliamentary candidates and to consider their pivotal role in achieving a Labour majority. There have been some great selections over the weekend and in recent weeks and those very able candidates have got a lot of work ahead in the coming …

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Riot police

Why water cannon are not the answer

Jacqui Smith  |  24 March 2014

This weekend, the Telegraph published a letter from members of parliament, peers, campaigners and union leaders opposing the Metropolitan police and mayor’s call for the authorisation of water cannon use. Irritatingly, the letter was signed by some people who have opposed almost any developments of police capability ever, but there were plenty of others who …

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