Monday Politics

Beneath the Labour surge

Conor Pope  |  22 May 2017

The Tories have hit a crisis just as Labour support has started to pick up. Is this the beginning of a comeback, asks Conor Pope ‘The polls are certain to narrow’, I wrote, four weeks ago today. And they have, sort of. Back then, we were 25 points behind the Tories, at worst – or 11 …

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Why Labour shouldn’t worry about the Lib Dem surge

Conor Pope  |  10 April 2017

Conor Pope says that the Liberal Democrat ‘fightback’ is a distraction from the real problem – the Tories The Liberal Democrats are likely to do much better in the upcoming local elections than current opinion polls suggest. Most polls currently have the party on around 11 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats having broken into …

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Labour’s shame reaches across borders

Conor Pope  |  3 April 2017

Ken Livingstone’s remarks have left a black mark on the name of a party once internationally renowned for its anti-racism, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope We were halfway through a tour of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, when our tour guide, an academic historian, paused mid-point. ‘This is why it is so important …

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Poor John Robert Clynes

Conor Pope  |  20 March 2017

Labour’s forgotten leader deserves better than to be airbrushed from the annals of the party’s history, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope  New YouGov research published this weekend asked Labour members to choose their top three party leaders of all time. JR Clynes, who led the party for around 20 months from February 1921 until November …

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Faith in politics

Conor Pope  |  13 March 2017

Britain’s mostly benign, institutionalised anti-Catholicism is starting to re-emerge, warns Progress deputy editor Conor Pope In June last year, a new police ombudsman report was published into the 1994 Loughinsland massacre, where masked members of the Ulster Volunteer Force walked into The Heights pub in County Down and opened fire with assault rifles. They murdered six people, …

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Such riches and such poverty

Conor Pope  |  6 March 2017

The Labour party’s successes do not come by chance, and nor does its failures, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope ‘If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor,’ sang James in their most famous single, Sit Down, which was released 26 years ago next week. Four minutes of jangly pop guitar …

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Excuses, excuses

Conor Pope  |  27 February 2017

Progress deputy editor Conor Pope takes a look at some of the most egregious excuses for Labour’s performance in Copeland and Stoke The byelection results in Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central should not set alarm bells ringing for the Labour party. The alarm has long since been silenced; ignored until the flames it warned against melted it …

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Corbyn’s fragile grip loosens

Conor Pope  |  13 February 2017

Compared to past reshuffles, Jeremy Corbyn’s latest shows him at his weakest, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope This is the fifth shadow cabinet reshuffle since Jeremy Corbyn became leader just 17 months ago, and the first that I have not had to cover as a reporter. It has not been the most eventful of his term …

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Populism without popularity

Conor Pope  |  6 February 2017

While Labour ought to hold Copeland and Stoke, there was very little appetite for Labour’s current direction in either seat, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope ‘Well, now I’ve got that off my chest.’ With that, she smiled and closed the door. This was Friday afternoon in the small Cumbrian town of Cleator Moor, where …

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Calling it right

Conor Pope  |  30 January 2017

Labour would not ‘be on the right side of history’ if it voted against invoking article 50, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope The job of opposition is not to oppose. To say so makes a good tweet, but poor politics. It is the job of opposition to hold to account, and get the best …

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