Continuing the Gaitskellite tradition

Matthew Forrest  |  17 August 2012

When I decided to identify as a Neo-Gaitskellite on Twitter I had two purposes in mind. The first was to wind up my friend Kevin Feeney, who thought the phrase was insufficiently catchy. The second, and the original reason for its conception, was to find a term for moderate Labour which situated today’s Blairites firmly …

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Confessions of a Neo-Gaitskellite

Kevin Feeney  |  16 August 2012

When I was asked why I used the term ‘Neo-Gaitskellite’ to describe myself in my Twitter profile, I had to stop and think. The origins of the term as I used it aren’t too hard to recount. My good friend – and fellow Progress member – Matthew Forrest was the first to use it in …

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Reintroducing Gaitskell

David Butler  |  15 August 2012

The two ideologies that once bore Hugh Gaitskell’s name are long dead, not used by anyone but historians. One of them, Butskellism, deserves to remain there, the days of import controls, capital restrictions, and fixed exchange rates are long gone. Gaitskellism, the political half-sister of Butskellism, is also no longer in vogue. Those who once …

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