Organising to win

Trust the public on public services

Bex Bailey  |  7 October 2014

A big debate about devolution is brewing. For some, this is about more than empowering town halls or creating new layers of government in our regions. Instead of more politicians, they want to go one step further and devolve power directly to users of public services – in line with Ed Miliband’s agenda of people-powered …

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Transforming the system

Bex Bailey  |  25 July 2014

Part of Labour’s general election strategy is to win the votes of first-time voters, young and old. This requires getting those who have never voted before onto the register and out of the door on polling day: not a small challenge. Too often the conversation around registration and turnout is focused on the problems and …

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Not just a historic opportunity, but a life-changing one

Bex Bailey  |  2 May 2014

The elections on 22 May are vitally important, but they are not an isolated event; they are part of a wider strategy to achieve a Labour government that will deliver the opportunities and support that so many are crying out for. We have a fight on our hands to win back councils like Redbridge and …

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Why we need government by the people, for the people

Bex Bailey  |  20 March 2014

Upon gaining power in 2015, a Labour government would give that power away. This is part of our plan for a people-powered political system and was a recurring theme at this year’s Progress Political Weekend. Think Labour’s version of the ‘big society’, but with genuinely empowered citizens and tangible ideas. Creating a culture of community …

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The most personal election ever

Bex Bailey  |  28 February 2014

Michael Dugher has called it the most personal election ever. Douglas Alexander and Spencer Livermore emphasised the importance of achieving personal conversations with the electorate in a recent National Executive Committee meeting. And we have an increasing number of channels through which to engage with people. With a hostile media and plenty of apathy to …

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Prioritising the 106

Bex Bailey  |  24 January 2014

We don’t have abundant resources. We don’t share the Tories’ ability to inject millions into target seats. We don’t have long left before the general election. What we do have is a team of some of the most dedicated activists – people who are willing to commit significant amounts of their time to talking to …

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Politics: A dirty word?

Bex Bailey  |  13 December 2013

People feel like politics does not fit into their lives. It’s ‘irrelevant’ and ‘far-removed’: a dirty word. And when it comes to changing that perception we often don’t do ourselves any favours. The media loves a good scandal and Westminster gives them plenty to go on. Too often we turn in on ourselves, engaging in …

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NEC report: The focus on 2014 and 2015

Bex Bailey  |  8 November 2013

The Labour party National Executive Committee met on 4 and 5 November. The meetings were characterised by a determined focus on the 2014 and 2015 elections. Harriet Harman set the tone, emphasising the importance of the 2014 elections, which she said are inseparable to our fortunes in 2015. To win in 2015, we need to …

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The race is on

Bex Bailey  |  10 October 2013

The appointment of Douglas Alexander, Michael Dugher and Spencer Livermore this week to Labour’s core general election team signals the start of a more sharpened focus on 2015. From now on in, they will be working together to build a successful general election campaign – allocating spending, pushing our messages and building our support base. …

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Young Labour women as pioneers

Bex Bailey  |  12 September 2013

We won’t win over young women voters in 2015 unless we employ the skills of our talented young women activists. Developing young women within the Labour party is vital to mobilising young women more widely. Speaking on the opening panel at Progress’ Winning with Women conference last weekend, I chose to focus on what we …

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