PMQs on Progress

A win of sorts for Corbyn

Sally Gimson  |  4 November 2015

The Tories at prime ministers’ questions were particularly nasty today. They hate Labour and despise Jeremy Corbyn – and so they booed throughout prime ministers’ questions, particularly when Corbyn asked yet again about cuts to tax credits. David Cameron – at his arrogant worst – was unable to conceal his basic contempt. At the end …

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Corbyn is learning fast

Sally Gimson  |  28 October 2015

This is the way to do prime minister’s questions if you want to make sure the debate is held on your terms. It felt a bit like Jeremy Corbyn was battering David Cameron over the head with an iron bar as pounded him six times with the same questions about tax credit cuts. It was not …

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English votes for English laws stalked the land

Sally Gimson  |  8 July 2015

English votes for English laws stalked the land in the House of Commons for a second day. Harriet Harman asked about it and Labour member of parliament Stephen McCabe, Birmingham Selly Oak, feared that it would mean English votes for English foxes! Prime minister’s questions before the budget is always a strange occasion, as the House is …

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Harman takes off at PMQs

Kamella Hudson  |  1 July 2015

While most of us are enjoying the summer weather, David Cameron was looking increasing uncomfortable as Harriet Harman ratcheted up the heat at today’s prime minister’s questions. The Davies report, published today, unanimously backs a new third runway at Heathrow, providing a clear, unambiguous recommendation to expand the United Kingdoms’s hub airport and deliver long term …

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‘No man is an island’

Sally Gimson  |  24 June 2015

It may be a sign of things to come. While Harriet Harman asked questions about low pay and the abolition of tax credits at prime minister’s questions, disabled people were hammering at the doors. Scenes from the BBC show rows of police trying to stop disabled protestors storming the chamber to complain about the abolition …

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Failing to show leadership at home or abroad

Sally Gimson  |  17 June 2015

How very ‘George Osborne’ prime minister’s questions was today. He was not bullying and hectoring, but he showed slight misjudgement and displayed a lot of tactical manoeuvres. George Osborne, chancellor of the exchequer, was standing in for David Cameron today who was in Italy.Presumably, this is part of Cameron’s grand tour of Europe.As you will remember …

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Taking the wind out of Cameron’s gloating sails

Sally Gimson  |  10 June 2015

Short questions are always best. They get to the heart of the matter and it is more obvious if they are not answered. Naz Shah, who beat George Galloway for Bradford West had the best one today: ‘As a new member of parliament I am still wondering if the prime minister does answer a question’. …

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Still in election mode

Sally Gimson  |  3 June 2015

The prime minister, David Cameron, is still in election mode. He was red-faced. He gesticulated violently. He name checked ‘Our Long-Term Economic Plan’. And he also managed to ask Harriet Harman, who was facing him over the dispatch box today, many more questions than he answered. Bizarrely, Cameron was not the relaxed leader you would have …

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Let the cameras into the Commons – don’t cover up what it is really like

Sally Gimson  |  25 March 2015

It was the final prime minister’s questions of this parliament today, the last Commons debate ever probably between Ed Miliband and David Cameron. Members of parliament were boisterous and rowdy. Just 43 days to go to the general election and on 30 March parliament is dissolved. Many go back to fight for an uncertain future in …

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The Tories are on the ropes

Sally Gimson  |  11 March 2015

The Tories were interested in sex at prime minister’s questions today and Labour with character and decency. One Tory member of parliament suggested that if people voted Labour after the election we might end up in bed with Alex Salmond rather than Nigel Farage. Anna Soubry, the posh and sweary Tory MP lounged in the …

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