Progress annual conference 2015

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It’s the economy, stupid: Time to regain credibility?

Tim Bale  |  19 May 2015

Restoring Labour’s reputation for economic competence – or perhaps I should say resuscitating or even raising it from the dead – has to be the number one task for whoever becomes its new leader.  It may sound, and it may well be, a lot less sexy than, say, holding endless seminars on how to win …

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A Clause One moment

Dan Jarvis MP  |  16 May 2015

Thank you. It’s great to be here – although like everyone I hoped to be coming to this conference under very different circumstances. It has been a sobering week for us all. And I want to begin by paying tribute to my great friend Jim Murphy, following his decision to step down as Leader of the …

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I want aspiration for the working classes

Caroline Flint MP  |  16 May 2015

Thank you for very much for that warm welcome. I really appreciate it. Can I echo what John Woodcock said about giving a big thank you. It wasn’t for want of a better ground campaign that we lost this election. You worked your socks off and gave your heart and soul. There’s been a lot …

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Progress annual conference 2015 opening speech

John Woodcock MP  |  16 May 2015

Hello and welcome to Progress’s annual conference. First of all, I want to thank everybody in this room. Thank you for picking yourselves up off the floor and making this the biggest Progress conference in a decade. And thank you for the work you did on the doorstep through this long, long campaign. You made …

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