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Labour and small business

Philip Ross  |  24 September 2012

Do you think that Labour should be the party of and for small business and the self-employed? The Labour Small Business Forum do. The aim of the forum is to build a network of Labour members who work for themselves or work for a small firm, that there is an organisation within the party speaking …

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Why we must teach girls to code

Vijay Riyait  |  24 September 2012

In the current debate about the schools exam system, the discussion has been based on the type of examination system that kids leaving school at 16 should undertake. While this is an important issue it fails to focus on the type of knowledge we would like our children to develop and how that learning should …

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Conducting future reforms

Mike Harrison  |  19 September 2012

This is the second of my two articles in which I set out my views on key policy areas which I hope Progress will focus on in the run up to the next election, and as a strategy board member would push for. One of the umbrella themes of New Labour was public service investment …

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Social ownership back on the agenda

Philip Ross  |  18 September 2012

I joined Progress because like me it’s both radical and progressive – radical when it matters and progressive when it counts. I was trying to put this into action this month when I attended the United Nations World Urban Form in Naples. The aim of the Forum was to bring together good practice from throughout …

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Universal credit will create homelessness

Dan McCurry  |  18 September 2012

This may seem surprising to Tory ministers, but landlords often prefer to let their properties to people who are on the dole. Far from being unattractive tenants, people who are in receipt of welfare benefit fulfil the prime objective of the landlord, which is to get the rent paid on time. With welfare tenants, the …

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The Kensal Rise Spring

James Denselow  |  14 September 2012

In my first Progress strategy board article I attempted to set out some of the core democratic challenges that I think underpin Britain’s political health and how organisations like Progress can contribute to a radical improvement in the quality of the debate. In this piece I will try and link the events of the Arab …

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Look at the bigger picture on aviation

Alex Burrows  |  12 September 2012

It is with a healthy sense of relief that we all welcomed the coalition’s decision to launch a commission into the future of aviation. Maria Eagle only called for this a year ago so the Tories are catching up at last! However, the two options most regularly bandied about are as unpalatable as each other. …

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Ministers versus the media

Marcus Hobley  |  12 September 2012

According to conventional wisdom, politicians need the media to get elected and the media need the politicians to satisfy an unrelenting public appetite for news. What will the recommendations from the Leveson inquiry tell us that the expenses scandal and the drip feeding of revelations have not already? A narrative that is currently playing out …

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What we can learn from our summer of sport

Keith White  |  11 September 2012

What a summer we’ve had; if the diamond jubilee wasn’t enough we’ve had the Euro 2012 football tournament (with the usual England exit in the quarter finals but without the angst-ridden hype beforehand); Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France; then the Olympics and a magnificent performance by Team GB; the Paralympics and even more …

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The union link: to the party and to communities

Joe Mann  |  10 September 2012

At the start of the summer I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at Young Labour’s annual conference. I began by asking those gathered if they were a member of a union: not everybody put their hand up. It’s not so long ago that you wouldn’t even have asked a Labour party audience …

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