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Nick Pearce  |  20 February 2012

The Adam Smith Institute arrived unannounced in the late 1970s, heralding the collapse of the postwar Keynesian consensus and the birth of a new order with sharp, boldly designed and pithily titled pamphlets. Its name became synonymous with the radical leading edge of neoliberalism. It gained widespread media coverage for its ideas and gathered round …

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Outside in

Philip Collins  |  24 January 2012

One of the reasons for the diminished status of politics in a rich democracy is that some of its noble causes have disappeared, solved into oblivion by previous generations of reformers. Peter Hain evaded this problem by being born into a distinguished political family in South Africa in a time of the disgusting separation of …

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Book review: What next for Labour?

Dianne Hayter  |  4 October 2011

A more disparate group of authors than found in Blue or Purple books, this collection seeks to throw out an eclectic range of ‘lessons learnt’ plus thoughts for the future from activists and parliamentarians. The book’s weaknesses are: firstly, that Europe, the economy and internationalism get hardly a mention despite the ex-Tory contributor’s urgings;  secondly, …

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Mandela – by Peter Hain

Terry Philpot  |  15 November 2010

Peter Hain's new book on Nelson Mandela offers something new to the library of Mandela studies, from an honest account of the man himself to the nuances of the regime's eventual downfall.

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Hamas: “to study is not to support”

Ben Garratt  |  7 April 2010

Hamas cannot be simply wished away, say the authors of a new book. Instead, new solutions must be found and the organisation thoroughly understood.

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We mean power: ideas for the future of the left

Paul Richards  |  22 March 2010

There are reasons for Labour to be cheerful, as the new essay collection edited by James Purnell and Graeme Cooke at Demos demonstrates

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Where the power lies

Peter Riddell  |  4 March 2010

The respected chief political commentator of The Times reviews former spin doctor Lance Price's book 'Where the Power Lies - Prime Ministers v The Media', and enjoys its thoughtful balance on the role of the press.

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