Race to the White House

Romney shows his worse side

Joel Braunold  |  17 October 2012

The one certainty it seems we can take from the past three debates is that the moderator improves every time. Candy Crowley delivered a masterful performance in the hardest of the debate formats, controlling two incredibly combative men. The town hall format is the most restrictive, rule-laden and complicated of the debating formats. The ability …

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Ignore the polls and look at the substance

Joel Braunold  |  12 October 2012

The vice-presidential debate was a far more enjoyable affair then the presidential one a week ago. People actually enjoyed staying up through it, watching two engaging politicians going up against each other.  Perhaps it was the chairs, the low bar set by the previous debate, a great moderator or that VPs can say more; but …

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Olympics, NBC and tragedies in America

Joel Braunold  |  7 August 2012

As a Brit in the USA, watching the Olympics has been a chore. The much-maligned NBC coverage that misses moments of silence for 7/7 does not care for any team but the USA and refusing to broadcast live coverage except for ad-heavy live streaming is appalling. One can understand the economic argument for NBC who …

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In search of momentum

Joel Braunold  |  12 July 2012

Turning on to watch the new season of comedy series Louie I saw my first presidential election advert. Living in true blue Boston MA I figured the only reason the president must be spending money here is that he wants to annoy his opponent on his home turf. The ad boldly cast President Obama as …

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140 characters does not make an electoral platform

Joel Braunold  |  21 June 2012

With the selection of Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee and the implosion of Americans Elect from the process, unable to find a candidate for their ticket, we know the full set up for the election in November. With the clearing of the field the polls have both candidates jockeying for position, each week being …

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Winning without bouncing

Joel Braunold  |  7 March 2012

As the dust settles from Super Tuesday, there was a clear delegate winner on the night. Mitt Romney took the lines share of delegates on offer with five clear victories and a single point win in Ohio. He now stands 200 delegates above his nearest rival, Rick Santorum. Though there are still delegate-rich races to …

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More than nicknames needed

Joel Braunold  |  27 February 2012

Though great nicknames abound, the GOP field has failed to ignite any enthusiasm The twentieth GOP debate this week attempted to give the voters a lasting impression of the candidates. Though their positions were well rehearsed and their talking points recycled, CNN decided to continue the infotainment with a new round of nicknames, these ones …

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America still leads the world in comedy

Joel Braunold  |  18 January 2012

With the GOP field narrowing even further with the withdrawal of John Huntsman, the most contentious issue of the contest is still the role of super PACs. Since the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, corporations have been granted the same rights as people in their ability to make anonymous donations to groups supporting a candidate, …

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A chance to break tradition in Iowa

Joel Braunold  |  4 January 2012

By a mere eight votes Mitt Romney may be the first Republican presidential candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. This is, of course, if he can stop Newt’s kamikaze mission to implode his candidacy. In a night that was decided by eight votes, Rick Santorum surge came at the exactly right time to …

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The X-factor in 2012

Joel Braunold  |  9 November 2011

One of the UK’s most successful exports to the US has been Simon Cowell. The X-factor, Pop Idol and America’s got Talent has replicated its success from the UK into America both in terms of dominating the entertainment culture and in getting segments of the population to vote in greater numbers than they do in …

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