Rich Durber

Why CLP nominations might matter this time

Rich Durber  |  18 June 2015

On Monday the nominating stage of the Labour leadership race came to an end and we now know the overall shape of the race. Three people who have a realistic chance of becoming leader of the Labour party made it through. Jeremy Corbyn did also. I’m writing this prior to the Newsnight hustings, so things …

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Only by rejecting ‘lazy Labour’ can Labour win in 2020

Rich Durber  |  4 June 2015

This week the true scale of Labour’s task at the next election became clear when the Fabian Society published research showcasing which seats the party needs to win to form a majority in 2020. Even a cursory glance at this ‘target list’ makes for grim reading. Harlow, Worcester, Gloucester, Putney, Battersea, Watford. Few of these …

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An SNP or Green vote is one for the Tories

Rich Durber  |  26 March 2015

The great American progressive lawyer Louis Brandeis wrote that, ‘in a democracy the most important office is the office of citizen’. This was, he explained, because democracy requires all individuals to look beyond their own narrow personal interest and consider the common good. In his budget last week George Osborne set voters a test. A …

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Mad Men And Bad Men: What happened when British politics met advertising

Rich Durber  |  12 March 2015

With the start of the short campaign drawing near, there could not be a better time to pick up Sam Delaney’s thoughtful, thorough and enjoyable look at the relationship between politics and advertising. Delaney sets out to answer a simple question: does political advertising actually make a difference? The answer unsurprisingly is not as straight …

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Could minority government lead to ‘pork barrel’ politics?

Rich Durber  |  26 February 2015

British politics loves to borrow from American politics. Whether their rallies, their slogans or their advisers, if something is happening across the pond, it seems we just cannot help but want a piece of the action. One thing it seems we have never been tempted by however is the way that American’s make laws. More …

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Eurosceptics are waging an organised campaign. Where’s the pro-European voice?

Rich Durber  |  12 February 2015

If there was any question as to whether a shadow European Union referendum campaign is under way, then this week confirmed it beyond all doubt. Those who favour a referendum were out in force beginning with John Longford, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, calling for an ‘end to the uncertainty’. It is …

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Labour must show voters the risks of voting Green

Rich Durber  |  22 January 2015

In 2010 the television debates turned Nick Clegg into the plucky outsider. Since Clegg threw his lot in with David Cameron and the Tories however, many have assumed that it would be Nigel Farage who occupied the ‘Nick Clegg’ role this time around. Not any more, though. This week it looks increasingly likely that Green …

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Voters deserve more than campaigning in prose

Rich Durber  |  8 January 2015

Mario Cuomo, the former governor of New York who sadly passed away last week, famously said politicians ‘campaign in poetry, but govern in prose’. Yet on Monday when the main parties marked the start of their general election campaigns, it seemed like both were firmly stuck in governing mode. Despite it not being the most …

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After the autumn statement: What now for the two main parties?

Rich Durber  |  4 December 2014

Both George Osborne and Ed Balls are likely to be satisfied with their performances during the autumn statement yesterday, in what most objective people will see as a score-draw. The chancellor failed to deliver the knockout blow to the opposition that some in Labour’s ranks had feared he might, but neither was he forced into …

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Ignoring the crisis of the young will cost Labour dearly

Rich Durber  |  30 October 2014

Last week Alan Milburn, chair of the government’s commission on social mobility and child poverty, delivered his final report before the general election showing that the under-30s risk being priced out of society, while this week Unicef published figures revealing that the number of children in poverty in the United Kingdom has risen to over …

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