A long three years until election day

Catherine Vallis  |  31 May 2013

The swagger and bluster of Scottish politics can sometimes make British politics look like a Jane Austen novel. It was therefore nice to see a sensitive and thoughtful debate break out at recent first minister’s questions when Johann Lamont brought up the case of a Scottish cancer patient who, faced with paying £3,000 a month …

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No strange death here

Tom Harris  |  17 January 2013

There are two theories about the fate of the many Tory voters who used to roam freely across the plains of Scotland. The most common theory also happens to be the least persuasive: that during the last Major government, they had a Damascene conversion and chose to turn their backs on the evils of unbridled …

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Scottish workers at the heart of reform

John Park  |  25 September 2012

Away from the single-issue pressure-group politics of the SNP’s referendum, the Scottish parliament is trying to continue with the matters which impact on people’s day-to-day lives. Public sector procurement is an unlikely bread and butter issue but it presents an opportunity for progressives in Scotland to make positive impact on the income and lives of …

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Northern and Southern Discomfort entwined

Sheila Gilmore  |  12 September 2012

Labour in Scotland has a vested interest in Labour starting to win in the south. The outcome of the 2014 separation referendum could turn in large part on the perception of how well Labour is doing in the south and therefore the likelihood of a Labour government in 2015. In the language of Scottish politics, …

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Better together

James Adams  |  29 August 2012

The Olympic Games gave an interesting backdrop to the start of the Better Together ground campaign, with Saturday marking the first campaigning weekend. From Alex Salmond’s ‘Scolympians’ to Mo Farah – the temptation for politicos to muse on the Olympic impact on the referendum debate proved too great. As the #bettertogether hashtag zipped across Twitter …

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Changing to win in Glasgow

James Adams  |  28 May 2012

Every election campaign is a learning process. Some lessons are enjoyable and some are hard to take. Labour’s result in Glasgow, and indeed across Scotland, on 3 May is firmly in the enjoyable category as we began to put into action some of the lessons we learned from our painful defeat of 2011. As a …

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Getting back on track

Judith Fisher  |  21 December 2011

I had planned to begin this article with the words, ‘We have a new leader’, but as I typed I realised that it would be more accurate to write, ‘We have a leader’. Johann Lamont has been elected, with 51 per cent of the vote in a three-way contest, as the first leader of the …

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Scottish leadership race gets into full swing

Judith Fisher  |  10 November 2011

The process of electing a leader of the Scottish Labour Party is now in full swing, with all three candidates having launched their campaigns. Ken Macintosh, the MSP for Eastwood, had been touted in the media as the frontrunner. However, as the contest progresses, Johann Lamont, MSP for Glasgow Pollok, appears to be pulling narrowly …

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Scottish Labour in flux

Judith Fisher  |  13 September 2011

The Scottish Labour party remains in flux. The way forward is coming into focus, but we need to face up to and address the fundamental issues to move forward as a healthy party, fit to govern. Last weekend, proposals from the Review of the Party in Scotland were agreed by the Scottish Executive Committee. The …

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Playing the SNP’s game

Judith Fisher  |  10 June 2011

Let the Scottish people decide, says Judith Fisher

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