The natural party of the self-employed

Toby Perkins MP  |  25 November 2014

A party that was founded to challenge the established order should be the natural party of small businesses and the self-employed. Small businesses provide the intellectual and market challenge that creates value and innovation for consumers, and the majority of the job growth in our economy. Nine in 10 unemployed people who become employed do …

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Contractors need a tough state to stand up for them

Kate Godfrey  |  25 November 2014

When the Conservatives talk about a ‘jobs miracle’, they are talking about the self-employed. Since 2008 three-quarters of jobs created have been by the 4.6 million people who now work for themselves. Self-employment is at record levels. And new employment really is self-employment. Most of the companies registered under this government are one-man bands: sole …

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Winning over the self-employed

Duncan O'Leary  |  25 November 2014

The announcement last week that the government had appointed its first ever ‘self-employment tsar’ reflects an important change in the way Britain works. One in seven of the workforce is now self-employed. On current trends, the self-employed are set to outnumber the public sector workforce by 2020. With an election approaching, the political courtship of …

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Making Labour work for the self-employed

George Anastasi  |  25 November 2014

IPSE is the association of independent professionals and the self-employed. With over 21,000 members, we are the largest association of independent professionals in the European Union. We represent freelancers, contractors and consultants from every sector of the economy, providing advice, support and lobbying on behalf of self-employed people across the United Kingdom. There has been …

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Government should not be gatekeepers to enterprise

Neeta Patel  |  25 November 2014

Given the current climate, it is understandable that businesses, particularly larger organisations, want to stay agile while they grow and expand. The use of short-term contracts and temporary staff are therefore an obvious choice – whether you want to call them freelancers, consultants or contractors – but the path to this type of employment is …

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A fair deal for freelancers

John Toner  |  25 November 2014

The word ‘freelance’ describes a multiplicity of working relationships, and any discussion of how to improve the lives of freelance workers will inevitably require precise definitions. Such variety of working relationships is matched by the range of problems experienced. Late payment of invoices, taxation and employment status will be common to all sectors of the …

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A fair shot for the forgotten middle

Philip Ross  |  25 November 2014

On placing a commitment to the self-employed and freelance workers at the heart of his election pledges Ed Miliband said that the self-employed are often the ‘most entrepreneurial, go-getting people in Britain’. He backed this up by making a conference pledge to provide ‘equal rights’ to the self-employed. He noted, ‘two out of three don’t …

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Taking self-employment to the mainstream

Benedict Dellot  |  25 November 2014

Self-employment is growing rapidly. Since the turn of the century there has been a 30 per cent increase in the number of people working for themselves, with an extra 100,000 more people choosing to start up in business this year alone. The result is that one in seven of the labour force are now self-employed …

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