Summer budget 2015

Haves and have-nots are Labour’s path back to power

Patrick Diamond  |  13 July 2015

George Osborne has proved himself to be an astute political tactician, but whether his budget adds up to a compelling long-term economic and political strategy is a different question. It is easy in politics to decry one’s opponents, but Labour ought to learn the lessons of Osborne’s approach as he steadily redefines the political landscape …

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One lesson for Labour

Stephen Beer  |  10 July 2015

The first Conservative budget since 1996 illustrated one lesson for Labour: how important it is to establish and maintain economic credibility. The chancellor’s March budget, for the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, stated that annual borrowing would be eliminated by 2018-19, mainly through harsh spending cuts including a £12bn cut to welfare spending. The Conservative manifesto went …

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The Last Word … A Maoist bent to the budget

Jamie Reed MP  |  10 July 2015

Boos company George Osborne is not the strategic political mastermind either he or his legions of friends in the right wing media believe. Few politicians have been booed by an Olympic stadium filled with 80,000 people, but nonetheless, Osborne will be happy with the predictable plaudits from the usual suspects following this week’s budget. If …

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Do not be young

Gareth Smith  |  9 July 2015

There was a clear, simple and overriding message delivered by George Osborne from the dispatch box yesterday; do not be young. Do not be young and try and get a university education, unless you’re prepared to go it alone. Do not be young and try to enter the workplace, unless you accept that you do …

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Changing the country in fundamental ways

Emma Burnell  |  8 July 2015

Just before prime minister’s questions today the government announced there would be a free vote on fox hunting. For George Osborne’s sake, let’s hope that it passes, as with today’s announcement on a compulsory ‘national living wage’, he has just shot a major Labour fox. Yes of course, the devil is in the detail. A …

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Combating cross dressing Osborne

Jonathan Todd  |  8 July 2015

George Osborne crossed dressed and declared himself a one nation chancellor in both the headline measures of his budget and in its details. Legislation for a living wage was intended as the closing showstopper and abolishing permanent non-dom status stole the policy with which Labour appeared to have most momentum in the general election. Training …

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Insufficient substance behind the spin

Ed Cox  |  8 July 2015

The ‘northern powerhouse’ remains an important emblem of the government’s commitment to rebalancing the economy and businesses remain enthusiastic about its potential for unlocking northern prosperity. IPPR North research has shown that just halving the output gap between the north and the national average would increase national economic output by £41bn. The northern economy is …

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Liveblog: Summer budget 2015

Progress  |  8 July 2015

Follow all of today’s budget as it happens, with reaction and comment from Stuart Hudson, Claire Reynolds, and the Progress team. Stuart Hudson is a former adviser to Gordon Brown. Claire Reynolds is a councillor on Tameside council Photo: BBC News ———————————-

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