The Business of Parliament

Tories are trying to avoid the argument altogether

Angela Eagle MP  |  12 March 2015

At business questions this week I raised the government’s track record of avoiding scrutiny. On the European arrest warrant, on the Agricultural Wages Board and now on plain packaging of cigarettes, instead of trying to win the argument they just try to avoid having it altogether. Last week, the government rejected our request for a …

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Decoding Cameron’s words

Angela Eagle MP  |  5 March 2015

This week at business questions I asked about David Cameron’s refusal to acknowledge his complete failure on his ‘no ifs, no buts’ promise on net migration. He promised that immigration would be in the tens of thousands, but instead it is nearly 300 000 this year alone. In a desperate attempt at a diversionary tactic …

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When we are out of step with public opinion we must change

Angela Eagle MP  |  26 February 2015

At business questions this week I raised the latest set of quarterly migration figures that were released today. It is clear that David Cameron’s pledge to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands is now in tatters. Instead of reducing net migration it is now higher than it was at the start of this …

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Channelling Neil Kinnock

Angela Eagle MP  |  12 February 2015

At business questions this week I asked about the string of Tory donors who bank with the Swiss arm of HSBC that was caught facilitating tax abuse. Since the prime minister became leader of his party these donors have given him £5m and HSBC’s chair Stephen Green was appointed a minister in the government after …

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Relying on Labour votes to protect public health

Angela Eagle MP  |  30 January 2015

I began business questions this week by marking Holocaust Memorial Day and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. I welcomed the plans for a new holocaust memorial in this country that will honour the memory of all the victims. The anniversary must also motivate us to redouble our efforts to combat anti-semitism and …

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We all know the prime minister is partial to chicken

Angela Eagle MP  |  22 January 2015

I began Business Questions this week by responding to yesterday’s top line figures on jobs. Whilst we welcome any fall in unemployment, for millions of families up and down this country there is a grim reality lurking beneath the headlines. More and more people are unable to get the hours they need at work to …

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Doesn’t everyone just love a teacher’s pet?

Angela Eagle MP  |  16 January 2015

I began Business Questions this week by welcoming the Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill, which comes before parliament next Monday and, if passed, will speed up the process of appointing women bishops to the House of Lords. Even those of us who feel that the unelected and supersized chamber is in need of more radical reform, …

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The chancellor’s mask has slipped

Angela Eagle MP  |  12 December 2014

As I pointed out in business questions this week, the chancellor’s mask has slipped following his autumn statement and his baleful plan for Britain’s future has become clear. He has failed every test and broken every promise he made on the economy. He hoped we would not notice the choice he has made to cut …

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A universal credit crisis and Tory civil war

Angela Eagle MP  |  27 November 2014

I am beginning to wonder if the chancellor knows something about climate change that he is not letting on, because next week we will have his autumn statement, which is yet again in December. It comes as his five year plan to eliminate the deficit is now running four years late and wages have fallen …

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A chief whip wanders around a zombie government

Angela Eagle MP  |  20 November 2014

I am getting a bit worried about the Tory chief whip. The first thing he did when he got this job was get stuck in the toilet, and I am afraid to say it has all gone down the pan since then. He has misplaced two members of parliament, he keeps losing votes and this …

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