10 Downing Street

Don’t accept this new, ‘new normal’

Adam Harrison  |  26 October 2016

Labour’s six-year slide damages not just the party but the country My first day working at Progress, Monday 4 January 2010, saw us catapulted into the general election campaign. Wasting no time in the early new year, David Cameron displayed his will to win by releasing the first part of the Conservative manifesto, which was …

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People. Crowd. Bridge. London.

No compromise with reality? 

Richard Angell  |  19 September 2016

No one has levelled with the public about what drives migration to this country ‘No compromise with the electorate’ was Ted Knight’s infamous opinion when he and his hard-left friends ran Lambeth council into the ground in the 1980s. After the 2015 general election, a senior Labour member of parliament who has long been associated with …

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Theresa May Downing Street speech

The art of opposition

Jacqui Smith  |  26 August 2016

Theresa May is not invincible. Here’s how to oppose her Let’s do a little late summer day-dreaming. Imagine we were in a fit state as a party to build an effective opposition to Theresa May and her government. What would we be doing? Where should we focus our efforts? I know from 10 years of ministerial life what an effective opposition …

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Angela Merkel and John Mann ICCA

Concrete action needed

Richard Angell  |  5 April 2016

Time for the hedging on antisemitism in Labour to end Following the 2012 presidential election in the United States, I attended an event on the result. Impressive speakers talked about their experiences of the campaigns and what would come next. Only one comment sticks in my mind. It was in response to a question about a ‘rape apologist’ Republican …

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Labour balloon

Smell the coffee

Paul Richards  |  28 January 2016

Labour still needs a proper post-mortem In 1987, following an election when Labour won the campaign but lost the election, Philip Gould and his team presented an assessment of Labour’s defeat to a joint meeting of the shadow cabinet and the National Executive Committee. He recalled, ‘We were about to tell the party that 70 years of history had …

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El Socialista

Words are not enough

Robert Philpot  |  2 December 2015

On Syria, Labour has been here before Next July marks the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish civil war. Over three years, General Francisco Franco’s nationalist army unleashed what became known as ‘the white terror’ as it sought not simply to conquer territory held by the Republican government, but to subdue, subjugate and …

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George Osborne Marr 12.04.15

An economy of purpose and resilience

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  6 November 2015

Until we win the war of ideas, the policies will fail Labour’s recent travails over the fiscal charter were a ‘Groundhog Day’ moment. Back in July we fell right into George Osborne’s traps around the welfare bill; fast-forward three months and there we were again, disappearing down another hole that had been dug by the chancellor, …

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Labour poster

Argue your case

Paul Richards  |  26 September 2015

Labour’s moderate tradition defends constant values, not outdated policies The creation of a special section in the Labour leadership election for people who do not support the Labour party has released forces into the mainstream of the party like a plague. It is like a horror film when the construction of a new underground railway unearths a deadly bacillus which …

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Southern England

Another shot of southern discomfort

Lewis Baston  |  21 August 2015

Labour’s horror-show relationship with the south continues Here we are again. The Southern Discomfort series, begun in the early 1990s, is now joining Halloween and Friday the 13th as a long-running horror franchise. Policy Network’s Southern Discomfort Again revisited the problem in 2010, and followed up with a 2015 update this summer. The depressing similarity between the overall …

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Miliband Milburn cartoon

The Miliband-Milburn dream-team

Jacqui Smith  |  1 July 2015

Promoting both economic and social mobility together is what Labour is for I want you to imagine that Ed Miliband and Alan Milburn get together and ‘father’ a policy programme. Stop screaming – I think I am onto something. What we need from a new Labour leader is a commitment to both the economic mobility …

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