David versus Goliath

Dan Norris, Labour’s candidate in North East Somerset

  |  1 April 2010

Ultra-marginal North East Somerset forms one of the closest and most exciting two-horse races between Labour and the Tories anywhere in the country. It will be a fascinating contest with a choice between down to earth truly local man, Dan Norris, Labour MP for Wansdyke since 1997, and Tory candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg, old Etonian London-based banker, …

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Sam Townend, Labour’s candidate in Bristol North West

  |  26 March 2010

Bristol North West is high on the list of target seats for the Conservatives and the only one in Bristol they have any realistic chance of winning. That is why David Cameron chose the day after the budget to visit. It is also why since 2007 the Tories have been funnelling £10,000s into the constituency including, …

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David Borrow, Labour’s candidate in South Ribble

  |  23 March 2010

South Ribble is largely a rural seat consisting of two small towns and 15 villages. This makes the job of delivering essential campaign materials that bit harder. While our teams do a wonderful job pounding the pavements in all weathers, the Tories can rely on paid delivery services to get their message out much quicker. …

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Parmjit Dhanda, Labour’s candidate in Gloucester

  |  22 March 2010

I have been the MP for Gloucester since 2001. No one was more surprised by this than my local newspaper who commented after my selection that “Labour can kiss goodbye to this seat … many of the voters have yet to reach the advanced state of consciousness to accept a foreigner as their local MP.” …

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Bassam Mahfouz, Labour’s candidate in Ealing Central and Acton

  |  17 March 2010

As Ealing Central and Acton is an important Conservative target in the coming general election, it has more than likely seen an influx of Ashcroft money. Items that Angie Bray, Conservative PPC for Ealing Central and Acton, has spent money on include: – All-voter direct mail campaign on transport issues that had no reference to …

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Karen Buck, Labour’s candidate in Westminster North

  |  16 March 2010

In the reconstituted seat of Westminster North Karen Buck MP has a tough fight on her hands against a well-financed local Conservative Association. The recent resignation and quick retraction of Westminster North Conservative PPC Joanne Cash in a dispute with her Association chairman Amanda Sawyers has highlighted the divisions within the local Conservative party and …

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Nick Palmer, Labour’s candidate in Broxtowe

  |  15 March 2010

Broxtowe was always Conservative up to 1997 and it’s been a target for them for a long time. A few years ago, Lord Ashcroft and his team identified it with Gedling as twin priorities: the two seats are in outer Nottingham and the only marginals in Nottinghamshire. Two full-time Tory organisers were appointed and there …

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Alan Whitehead, Labour’s candidate for Southampton Test

  |  12 March 2010

In the 1895 election in Southampton the Conservative candidate, Sir Tankerville Chamberlayne, arranged for a horse and cart to be deposited outside the Cowherds public house, which is at the top of the city. The cart was unhorsed and six strong men pulled it down Above Bar to the party headquarters, with Sir Tankerville standing …

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Bill Esterson, Labour’s candidate in Sefton Central

  |  11 March 2010

Labour’s candidate for Sefton Central, Bill Esterson has called on the Conservatives to hand back the money they have had from Lord Ashcroft. Bill has written to the Conservative candidate Debi Jones to ask her if she will comply now that Ashcroft has finally admitted he does not pay the bulk of his tax in …

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Simon Burgess, Labour’s candidate in Brighton Kemptown

  |  10 March 2010

Most Labour members have an affection for Brighton from attending Conference there, and many will know that all three parliamentary seats in the city were won by Labour in 1997. Brighton Kemptown stretches from the pier out to the Peacehaven boundary with Newhaven in the east, and to Sussex University in the north. After three …

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