Solutions not slogans

Editorial  |  15 November 2017

Labour needs the right economic project In his conference speech in Brighton, Jeremy Corbyn stated that it is not enough for Labour to be ready for an election, but that ‘we must be government-ready too. Our aspirations matched by our competence.’ This one statement identifies precisely Labour’s dilemma. An energetic general election campaign can win a …

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Avoid a sectarian slugfest

Editorial  |  19 September 2017

Labour conference could be about policy, not procedure In his book, The Road to Brighton Pier, the political writer Leslie Hunter describes the atmosphere inside a Labour party languishing in opposition, and riven with factional animosity, in the months leading up to the party conference in Brighton: ‘Except on the most formal occasions there was no social …

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Corbyn’s choice

Editorial  |  27 August 2017

The UK staying in the single market is in the gift of the Labour leader and his ‘new politics’ Jeremy Corbyn paints his political views in primary colours: he is against war, austerity and the private sector. He was a fervent critic of Neil Kinnock, John Smith, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. He voted against …

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A new establishment

Editorial  |  7 July 2017

There are lessons for all sides from this general election Just weeks ago Labour looked consigned to the opposition benches for decades. The Tories had a lock on older voters, a prime minister with impressive personal ratings, and talented campaigners in the back rooms. They had plans to use the levers of power to manipulate …

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Celebrating success

Editorial  |  4 April 2017

There is no going back to New Labour, only going forward with its ‘attitude of mind’ The Labour party finds success a challenge. It is much more au fait with failure – it expects it. The Conservative party ran Britain for 57 years of the last century. This century started with an attempt to change those numbers. However, …

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Another wake-up call

Editorial  |  3 March 2017

The Copeland byelection was a rejection of Jeremy Corbyn’s politics The February byelection results are so bad it is taking some time for them to sink in. Jeremy Corbyn becomes the first Labour leader since Michael Foot to lose a seat in opposition to the government. Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian asks, ‘Was it the worst result for an opposition since 1945 …

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British workers for British jobs

Editorial  |  9 February 2017

A future Labour government must shake-up skills on the scale the last transformed the NHS ‘We toured the country to talk about immigration and came back talking about skills’, shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer tells this magazine (page 20) in his exclusive interview. Putting together this edition went on a similar journey. Whether it was commissions on Brexit, …

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The un-Clinton campaign

Editorial  |  5 December 2016

Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory are consistently understood as a working-class uprising against the establishment and blunt messages from the voters that they want more action on immigration. Like it or not, both were votes for change. While 2.8 million ‘non-voters’ in the United Kingdom mean Britain is leaving the European Union, in the US relatively …

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Permission politics

Editorial  |  3 November 2016

The prime minister closed her party’s conference with a bold pitch for the ‘centre-ground’ of British politics. It lacked real vision, it certainly lacked consistency, and it lacked policy commitments. But it did not lack chutzpah. Simply saying you are on the centre-ground does not make it so. The public, not prime ministers, decide where the centre-ground lies. Politicians play …

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‘Clause One socialists’ will win the day

Editorial  |  22 September 2016

The long Labour summer has been drawn-out and frustrating. No more so than for Owen Smith who trudged around the country making his case to the Labour party membership, significant proportions of which believe either Labour can win under Jeremy Corbyn or do not care about Labour winning. The Corbyn project moves Labour away from being …

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