Unity should be earned, not demanded

Christabel Cooper  |  3 October 2016

Who doesn’t want a unified Labour party? It is obvious that civil war costs us dearly. Following Jeremy Corbyn’s decisive victory in the leadership election, calls for unity came thick and fast at Labour’s conference in Liverpool. But, given the depths of the divisions within the party, this will not be an easy task. The …

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Supporting young people for the world of work outside the classroom

Michael Lynas  |  30 September 2016

There are few more important subjects than how we prepare the next generation – our future – for life and work. In recent years, there has been extensive reform of the education system, with the academy programme pioneered by Labour and extended by the coalition and Conservative governments. What you study at school matters, studying …

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Professional standards and legal regulation: a question of trust?

Crispin Passmore  |  30 September 2016

Trust in the professions is essential. We all have to have confidence in core professional standards – standards such as integrity, confidentiality and independence – of those whom we entrust with our health, our finances or our legal issues. The Solicitors Regulation Authority regulates some 160,000 solicitors and the overwhelming majority maintain that all important …

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The director’s diary

Richard Angell  |  30 September 2016

Progress director Richard Angell shares his analysis of the latest developments at Labour party conference 2016 Friday 30 September Not what I expected Well, that was not the Labour party conference I was expecting. Maggie Cosin won a resounding victory in the election to the National Constitutional Committee – which will gain significantly more powers …

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Building the new economy

Christopher Richards  |  26 September 2016

The United Kingdom manufacturing sector has been motoring ahead in recent years, climbing from 11th in 2012 to ninth in 2014 in the global rankings. The sector is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, ushering in new technologies and techniques that will change the products, processes and relationships involved in manufacturing. While the sector has hit …

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Protecting community pharmacy

Jonathan McShane  |  25 September 2016

Our National Health Service is not short of challenges but there is a danger that by looking for short term fixes, more radical approaches that could deliver real benefits are ignored. The government’s approach to community pharmacy is a case in point. It is not just that pharmacy cuts could take out key parts of the …

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All grown up

Wes Streeting MP  |  23 September 2016

In the debate about how we tackle inequality, our attention is rightly focused on what schools can do to tackle educational disadvantage to improve the life chances of the poorest pupils. Labour’s unrelenting focus on school improvement was one of the great success stories of the last Labour government. But we should also be concerned …

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Phoenix from the ashes

Nita Clarke  |  21 September 2016

In 2016, despite the record high employment figures, the United Kingdom workforce faces an uncertain future. I am not simply referring to Brexit – although a cause of concern for many, it is only the most visible of a series of factors which threaten to throw into doubt much of what we take for granted …

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Changing perceptions

Jordan Marshall  |  21 September 2016

Self-employment is without doubt now a central part of the labour market in the United Kingdom. 4.8 million people work for themselves, almost 15 per cent of the working population – this is a big shift that everyone is still getting used to. But how should the Labour party react and support the millions of …

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