Heart Unions

United we stand

Esther Lynch  |  14 February 2017

The European Trade Union Confederation are determined to ensure that British workers do not pay the price of Brexit, argues Esther Lynch Unions are about uniting people. Alone we may be powerless but together, organised in our unions we can achieve great things. Being organised in a union means being connected with other workers not …

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Proud to be union

Lee Barron  |  14 February 2017

Heart Unions week presents us with an opportunity to shape the trade union movement of tomorrow, writes Lee Barron Over the past week, tens of thousands of trade union members and activists have been joining together to celebrate the positive impact unions have on workplaces where they have members and the communities to whom they serve. …

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We need to get beyond ‘struggles, strikes and strife’

David Coats  |  12 February 2016

I began my career in the trade union movement in the late 1980s, when the Conservative governments of the time presented parliament with a new piece of restrictive anti-union legislation every 18 months. A huge amount of effort was expended by the Trades Union Congress in opposing these measures – all to no avail. The …

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The truth about trade unions

Paul Nowak  |  11 February 2016

It is hardly uncommon for trade unions to get bad press. Some within government and the media are keen to paint us as constantly at being at odds with employers and the public. They focus on the inconvenience of strikes and portray us as antagonistic. This is the toxic narrative they have built up to …

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A bad bill which remains a bad bill

Chris Weavers  |  10 February 2016

Many commentators have described the trade union bill as unfinished business from the Thatcher era. While there is a truth to this, the bill also needs to be seen in the context of the government’s legislative agenda in both the current and last parliament. A clear pattern is emerging of a government using its dominant …

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Chorus of disapproval

Martin Brown  |  9 February 2016

As #heartunions week gets into its stride, an unlikely bunch of militants are preparing to take industrial action. When it comes to strikes opera singers are not what most people think of, but the choristers at English National Opera are being balloted in#heartunions week on taking strike action. They have been told by their management to …

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Be union – be proud!

Lee Barron  |  9 February 2016

During this week, tens of thousands of trade union activists and members will be outwardly celebrating the role of unions up and down the country. We are doing so to show trade union members and non-trade union members just how important it is to have trade unions and to highlight the trade union bill. A …

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The most sustained and partisan attack in a generation

Angela Eagle MP  |  8 February 2016

This week is #heartunions week, and we should use it as an opportunity to celebrate some of the great successes trade unions have had and the exceptional work being done by trade union reps and members in workplaces right across the country. While the Tories often treat trade unions like they are the enemy within, …

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Why #heartunions is so important

Becky Wright  |  8 February 2016

I am often asked how I became involved in unions, especially when I was easily the youngest full-time officer in most unions I worked for for nearly 10 years. How is it that I saw the worth and value of unions when I came from a working-class family in the south who have no history …

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Why trade unions will outlive this government

Brian Strutton  |  8 February 2016

Having a reasonable working day and holidays to enjoy leisure time; high standards of health and safety as the norm; laws giving basic rights to workers for protection against unfairness and inequality; decent jobs with good rates of pay where there had only been exploitation and poverty; the right to retire and have a pension …

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