NHS 65th Anniversary

The NHS at 65

Jamie Reed MP  |  5 July 2013

In his resignation speech to the House of Commons on 23 April 1951, Nye Bevan warned of what an incoming Tory government, ‘the vandals opposite’ as he referred to them, would do to the NHS he had created should they win the general election. Referencing Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy, Titus Andronicus, Bevan warned ‘the Health Service …

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The NHS of the future

Lesley Griffiths AM  |  5 July 2013

Let me begin this article by stating that, as a socialist, I strongly believe in accessible, high quality, citizen-centred services for all, not choice for the few. At the 2011 election, all the political parties in Wales had the opportunity to set out and explain their vision for the NHS in Wales over the coming …

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Tackling health inequality

Paul Williams MP  |  5 July 2013

As we sentimentally celebrate the 65th anniversary of the National Health Service, we should remember that much of the improvement in health since 1948 – including an increase in life expectancy of around twelve years – is unrelated to what our health service does. Perhaps we could also reflect on the widening gap between the …

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Building an effective and sustainable care system

Liz Kendall MP  |  5 July 2013

When Labour was elected in 1997, the top National Health Service priority for patients and the public was waiting times. Back then, people were being forced to wait 18 months or more for their operation. While those with enough money had the choice of opting to pay to go private, patients without the necessary means …

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