Project challenge: Criminal justice

Citizen central

  |  30 May 2009

We need a cross-party mechanism to consider constitutional reform with the full engagement of the public

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Criminal record?

Enver Solomon  |  1 May 2008

Continuing our Progressive Challenge series, Enver Solomon examines Labour's record on crime and justice

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Europe is the answer

Olaf Cramme  |  30 January 2007

The next Labour leader must bring Europe back to the top of the agenda

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Heal thyself

Andy Burnham MP  |  29 January 2007

For its health reforms to succeed, Labour needs to learn to let go

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Safety first

Liam Byrne MP  |  17 January 2007

Tackling crime and security is key to Labour maintaining its support in the ‘super-marginals’

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World of opportunity

Stephen Twigg MP  |  17 January 2007

Foreign policy will present some daunting challenges but also new opportunities for the new Labour leader

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Live and learn

Beverley Hughes MP  |  17 January 2007

Creating a culture of lifelong learning must be central to Labour’s progressive vision for the future

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Surprise us

Stephen Hale  |  17 January 2007

The new leader will need to set a radically different green course for Labour

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