Project challenge: Welfare reform

James Purnell’s speech

James Purnell  |  19 June 2008

Last night, the work and pensions secretary gave the second address in our Progress Challenge series, entitled How Can Welfare Foster Independence and Responsibility? Here's the full transcript

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Minister for funds

The high-spending department of work and pensions saw the arrival of James Purnell in January. He tells Robert Philpot and Jessica Asato of his plans

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Employing new ideas

David Pinto-Duschinsky  |  1 February 2008

David Pinto-Duschinsky examines the first of our Progressive Challenge themes and outlines the future direction of welfare reform    

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Lessons from America

Lee Bowes and Peter Cove  |  1 February 2008

The government could learn from some of the American progressive approaches to welfare provision

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