Book review

Winning minds: secrets from the language of leadership

Richard Darlington  |  10 August 2015

Labour is looking for a leader. But a new book on ‘the language of leadership’ might not be the best place to look. Winning Minds is a reminder for Labour supporters not so much of ‘what it is all about’ but of ‘where it all went wrong’. ‘For leaders’ writes author Simon Lancaster, ‘it’s not …

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Summer reading: dusting down the old tomes

Paul Richards  |  29 July 2015

This summer, the Labour party needs a holiday like never before. It needs to turn off Twitter, drink sangria, feel the sand beneath its toes and stare at the ocean. It needs to get a little perspective, think about its future, and buy an oversized sombrero. It needs a rest. Knowing it as we do, …

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Breaking the Code: Westminster Diaries

Matt Forde  |  20 November 2014

If Boris Johnson was Oasis, Gyles Brandreth would be The Beatles. Without his devil-may-care eccentricity and candid, often rebellious, sense of humour, Boris would not be the politician he is today. For my generation Brandreth was the first Tory whose wit immediately made him more acceptable and even likeable. Now he is lovable and these …

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Five Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond

Roger Liddle  |  6 June 2013

Andrew Adonis BiteBack Publishing | 208pp | £12.99 Five Days in May is a grippingly told tale of failure. Even someone with Andrew Adonis’ extraordinary mix of intellectual clarity and irrepressible energy could not pull together the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition that would have kept David Cameron out of No 10. I was there at the start. …

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A History of the Liberal Party since 1900

Atul Hatwal  |  28 May 2013

Adjectives such as ‘comprehensive’, ‘rigorous’ and ‘learned’ are sure to litter reviews of David Dutton’s new history of the Liberal party. It does indeed possess each of these attributes, and more. The book gives a full account of each of the major turning points for the Liberals since 1900. There is a lucid answer to …

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The End of Politics

Tristram Hunt MP  |  12 November 2012

The End of Politics begins as a fierce polemic against the steady growth of western states and their indebtedness. Its main contention, that the traditional philosophies of left and right (but mainly left) are moribund in the face of the current crisis, is argued forcefully, ably supported by a blunderbuss of insightful statistics and a …

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Economics too important to leave to economists

Tanweer Ali  |  31 October 2011

A timely new book challenges the received wisdom in economics. It was the Queen who asked the big question in the aftermath of the financial crisis – why did nobody see it coming? Many of the world’s most distinguished economists took upthe challenge, with varying degrees of success. The basic answer was that they couldn’t …

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