PMQs on Progress

Right topic, with one from out of leftfield

Sally Gimson  |  21 October 2015

This was not a bad prime minister’s question time for Jeremy Corbyn. He chose the right subject – tax credits. And he combined the individual questions from the public with the more traditional battering-ram approach that opposition leaders use. Perhaps it would have been better if he had just stuck to tax credits, but his …

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A little less theatre

Sally Gimson  |  16 September 2015

Prime ministers questions was certainly different today. And the prime minister was reminded on at least one occasion that he was confronting a new kind of politics. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn succeeded where others have failed and changed the tone. It was less adversarial PMQs and more BBC question time. Corbyn set the pace …

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A strange and sombre PMQs

Sally Gimson  |  9 September 2015

The knockabout was knocked out of prime minister’s questions today. Perhaps it was because it was Harriet Harman’s last appearance on the front bench. David Cameron paid handsome tribute to her 28 years of service and her fight for women’s rights. He said that he hoped she would ‘continue to service this house and our …

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A rumble in the Westminster jungle

James Gill  |  10 December 2014

It is incredible how fast a leopard can change his spots. Nick Clegg, standing in for David Cameron this week, went from performing his disassociation act at last week’s autumn statement to returning to laughable form as the Cameron-lite poster boy for four and a half years of anarchic austerity. Standing in for Ed Miliband, …

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Hiding behind Leveson

Michael Davies  |  25 June 2014

There really was no question what the topic of discussion would be at this week’s PMQs following yesterday’s only half shocking verdict in the drawn out phone hacking trial. Andy Coulson’s guilty verdict was never going to bring the axe down on the prime minister but it has left his judgement open to question. Before …

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