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How to Lose a Referendum

Roger Liddle  |  21 July 2017

Jason Farrell and Paul Goldsmith take a healthy long-lens view of the referendum, writes Roger Liddle ‘A device of dictators and demagogues.’ Clement Attlee’s curt dismissal of the referendum as a legitimate constitutional device had rather fallen out of fashion in recent decades. Yet the result of last year’s referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of …

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New kids on the block

The Insider  |  21 July 2017

Another dispatch from the Westminster village The snap election resulted in some results that have caused your insider to seriously doubt their fact-checking skills. Stella Creasy holds 80 per cent of the vote, a percentage not reached in the 132 years that there has been a Walthamstow seat. Thangam Debbonaire’s vote in Bristol West more …

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How we got to the post-truth stage

Matthew Laza  |  20 July 2017

Politicians learning the wrong lessons from tight message discipline have created a vacuum in which fake news is able to flourish, writes Matthew Laza I suspect everyone does what I did when first picking up Newsnight anchor Evan Davis’ entertaining and timely new book. As soon as you start to read his initial definition of …

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What would Jeremy do?

The Progressive  |  20 July 2017

Being in the minority does not mean you are wrong, but that your time may come again If there is one lesson from the extraordinary rise of Jeremy Corbyn, it is not that we progressives should bend before his altar in the name of unity; it is the exact opposite. Corbyn’s career since the 1970s …

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New politics, new France

Felicity Slater  |  19 July 2017

With expectations that surpass those of Tony Blair and Barack Obama, can Emmanuel Macron deliver the change so many believe in, asks Felicity Slater European centre-left has few reasons to be cheerful. The Dutch Labour party was hammered at the polls in March. In Germany, Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union looks set to gain …

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Politics is not a game

Alison McGovern MP  |  18 July 2017

The Tories have lost their mandate for their assault on public services, a hard Brexit and the divisive politics they pursue ‘Politics is not a game’. As Theresa May soundbites go it certainly looks to have a better shelf life than ‘strong and stable’ and it is as resonant today as ever. Not just because …

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A catalogue of failures

Siobhain McDonagh MP  |  18 July 2017

The Tories called it wrong on all the big necessities of a 21st century campaign, finds Siobhain McDonagh Why did the Tories lose? Indeed, did they? Certainly against expectation. In reality, they still got the most votes and most seats. So how has the outcome of the election been Labour euphoria and Tory despair? Hope …

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Parliamentary damage limitation

Heidi Alexander MP  |  17 July 2017

The general election has changed the nature of the Brexit debate in Westminster For those of us in the Labour party who want to put the brakes on Brexit, the result of the general election last month means it is ‘game on’. Whether we can stop Brexit or simply shape it remains to be seen …

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Strategic thinking

Conor Pope and Ellie Mae O'Hagan  |  13 July 2017

Labour’s electoral strategy was more successful than expected – can it deliver victory next time? Ellie Mae O’Hagan and Conor Pope debate whether the next campaign should continue to focus on non-voters and youth turnout  

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The next mountain

Andrew Harrop and Olivia Bailey  |  13 July 2017

Labour needs to hold new seats and win disparate categories of voters to make further gains, write Andrew Harrop and Olivia Bailey Politics about expectations and momentum. So, after this extraordinary election, it is hardly surprising that Labour is behaving like it won even though it lost, and the Tories are behaving like they lost …

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