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‘Reminding people that we’re not in government’

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  22 September 2017

The shadow local government secretary Andrew Gwynne takes Richard Angell and Conor Pope behind the scenes of the surprise election ‘I’m infamous now’, Andrew Gwynne declares. He was ‘walking along the Embankment’ to parliament recently when he noticed two people shiftily looking over their shoulder at him. ‘They turned around and said, “You’re that guy that took …

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Breaking through the bagel belt

Ella Rose  |  21 September 2017

In seats where the votes of Jewish communities could have made a difference, Labour underachieved, writes Ella Rose The Jewish community is small, concentrated in just a handful of seats across the country. We must ask the difficult question after the general election of 2017. Why, when seven seats in London went red, including Kensington and Battersea, and …

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No going back

Tori Rigby  |  21 September 2017

Keep Young Labour modern and forward-looking, not full of conflict and turmoil, demands Tori Rigby When I joined the Labour party in 2011, I became involved in a youth movement that celebrated its member’s political differences, encouraged friendly debate, and campaigned tirelessly to get Young Labour candidates elected to local councils. Like many other Labour members, I spent most of …

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The McDonnell amendment

Darren Williams and Tom Miller  |  20 September 2017

Should Labour MPs retain a significant role in the nomination of future Labour leaders?

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Down not out

Richard Angell  |  20 September 2017

Moderates and modernisers will not be proved wrong by the new establishment, writes Richard Angell Michael Cashman and Gloria De Piero did us proud in the Conference Arrangements Committee elections this summer. It is a thankless task standing for a committee where is it hard to show impact – as important as it is – and relevance, especially when …

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Taking back control

The Insider  |  19 September 2017

Conference Arrangements Committee is another piece of party machinery in the hard-left’s hands The election to the Conference Arrangements Committee of Momentum’s candidates makes your insider’s well-worn line – that Corbynistas have not completely taken over – harder to hold water. Billy Hayes and Seema Chandwani take up their places as constituency Labour party representatives after …

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Avoid a sectarian slugfest

Editorial  |  19 September 2017

Labour conference could be about policy, not procedure In his book, The Road to Brighton Pier, the political writer Leslie Hunter describes the atmosphere inside a Labour party languishing in opposition, and riven with factional animosity, in the months leading up to the party conference in Brighton: ‘Except on the most formal occasions there was no social …

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What Happened

Matthew Doyle  |  19 September 2017

While the book is clearly therapeutic for its author, Hillary Clinton’s account of the 2016 US election is far from an attempt to pass on blame, argues Matthew Doyle The title of Hillary Clinton’s new book on the 2016 presidential election – What Happened – is not followed by a question mark. But there are plenty of moments …

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Margaret Thatcher: The Honorary Jew

Robert Philpot  |  18 September 2017

Why it took non-Jewish Labour activist – Robert Philpot – to understand the former prime minister’s relationship with British Jewry is of interest to Jeremy Newmark As Labour’s 2017 parliamentary candidate in Finchley and Golders Green, I learned it is a constituency which attracts disproportionate media attention. Robert Philpot’s remarkably well-researched survey of Margaret Thatcher’s …

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Promises matter

Seema Malhotra MP  |  13 September 2017

To renew its promise to young people, Britain requires a new answer to its social mobility crisis, argues Seema Malhotra The Social Mobility Commission’s annual State of the Nation report at the end of last year confirmed what we all know – that Britain has a deep social mobility problem. According to the report, only one in …

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