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A difficult balancing act

John Hannett  |  12 May 2017

Two-thirds of Usdaw members are covered by agreements which improve the rights of parents and carers, argues Usdaw general secretary John Hannett Work-life balance issues have traditionally been regarded by many in the trade union movement as peripheral – a matter for individual representation rather than national level campaigning and bargaining. This reflected a view that female part-time …

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Parallel classrooms

Ralph Scott  |  4 May 2017

English education reinforces social segregation – but it does not have to, writes Ralph Scott Last year’s referendum on membership of the European Union united the country in one way: it created a new consensus that our country is dangerously divided. It did not take much polling analysis to see that the country was split …

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Preventing populism

Ben Dilks  |  3 May 2017

Another day, another thinktank. Tony Blair has announced he is to launch the Institute for Global Change. The project will bring together his existing initiatives under one roof, including work on African governance, fighting religious extremism, and Middle East policy. But piquing the most interest is a new dedicated unit for ‘renewing the centre’. The 25-strong team’s specific remit …

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The Portillo moment

Stephen Twigg MP  |  1 May 2017

The defining image of the 1997 election night should give us ambition, writes Stephen Twigg I joined Enfield Southgate Labour party in 1982 when I was 15. It was very much a ‘true blue’ Conservative stronghold. In 1992 there was a healthy four per cent swing from Conservative to Labour but that still resulted in a Tory majority of over 15,000. When …

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A damn sight easier

Dan Callaghan  |  1 May 2017

Diversity was something to be celebrated, not ignored, argues Dan Callaghan To be openly gay in 21st century Britain is not always a picnic, but it is a damn sight easier now than it was in the recent past. Everyone knows about the legal changes on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights made by the …

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Ladder of opportunity

Gurjinder Dhaliwal  |  1 May 2017

New Labour understood that aspiration is key to social justice, writes Gurjinder Dhaliwal It may seem strange to think of this now but when I was growing up the idea of Labour being in power was normal, natural and seemed like the default. For me, Labour was the party of government.  As somebody who grew …

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The stark difference

Rosie Corrigan  |  1 May 2017

It was Tory attempts to reverse New Labour achievements that politicised a generation, says Rosie Corrigan I was four years old when the political earthquake that was the May 1997 general election took place. I grew up in the Yorkshire market town of Selby. A proud, northern town where everyone knows everyone and people look out …

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Letter from … Rome

Lia Quartapelle  |  24 April 2017

December’s referendum on constitutional reform has led to an ongoing reconfiguration of Italian politics, writes Lia Quartapelle. The government’s defeat in the vote led to a shake-up at the top, and new leadership in the form of former foreign affairs minister Paolo Gentiloni. It also ignited a leadership contest in the centre-left Democratic party (PD). This is the …

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What has changed?

Stella Creasy MP  |  20 April 2017

How do the policy challenges of 1997 compare with the ones we face today, asks Stella Creasy Tony Blair did not send a single email in office. The 1997 manifesto pledged to get rid of outside toilets in schools, such was the condition of our public services. Back then people went into shops to book …

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Machine politics

Claire McCarthy  |  13 April 2017

A ‘robot tax’ would deter businesses from much-needed investment in technology, argues Co-operative party general secretary Claire McCarthy You cannot turn on the radio or open a newspaper now without being confronted by a dystopian story about the future impact ‘the robots’ will have on our labour market. As many as 15 million jobs are said to be at …

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