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A tide turning back

Karen Buck MP  |  7 December 2017

Squalor: Council housing is in retreat and the private rented sector out of control

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Post-16 needs to be the focus

Kathleen Henehan  |  6 December 2017

Ignorance: Beveridge would be heartened by the educational progress but ashamed of the skills inequality

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Health inequality costs

Karin Smyth MP  |  6 December 2017

Social class persists as a key determinant for life expectancy and good health Disease In 1942, two drivers of William Beveridge’s concern for the giant evil of disease were the need to combat life expectancies that saw women, on average, dying in their mid-fifties and men in their early fifties, and the need to improve maternal and infant …

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Seventy-five years young?

Nicholas Timmins  |  6 December 2017

The left would do well to reclaim the language of Beveridge as a way of re-shaping the welfare state debate, or risk losing it to the Conservatives, believes Nicholas Timmins

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Productivity is fine. Let’s count and tax it better

Peter Kellner  |  4 December 2017

Non-financial productivity gains need measuring through ‘gross domestic utility’, not gross domestic product, otherwise public services and social justice will suffer, argues Peter Kellner Something weird is going on. We need to do some delving to get to the bottom of it, but its impact on our living standards, government finances, public services – indeed the future of …

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Enthusing members

Katy Clark  |  4 December 2017

Help Jeremy Corbyn build a country for the many not the few, writes Katy Clark

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ANALYSIS: Does the past predict the future?

Conor Pope  |  4 December 2017

The Katy Clark ‘democracy review’ wears its faction on its sleeve, believes Conor Pope

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Permanent revolution of the office door

The Insider  |  1 December 2017

Are Momentum’s candidate contracts as short-lived as those in the Labour leader’s office? Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village When Jeremy Corbyn called the prevalence of insecure work in the British economy a ‘crisis’ during his budget response last month, caused some raised eyebrows among those paying attention to the roll call of employees in the Labour …

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Adam Barnett  |  29 November 2017

What US thinking on populism can teach us about how we tell true egalitarians from false friends and frauds, writes Adam Barnett It is a sign of our shallow times that despite the ubiquity of the word ‘populism’ over the last two years, so little attention has been paid to the movement which gave it currency …

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The French Exception

Conor Pope  |  27 November 2017

The biggest driver of Emmanuel Macron appears to be his own ambition – but that is not his shortcoming, writes Conor Pope What is centrism? Is it a coherent political ideology, simply a rejection of ones that already exist, or just a dismissive attack by the radical left on social democrats? Whatever it is, everyone …

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