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Guerrilla opposition 

The Insider  |  11 July 2016

For generations to come they will ask: where were you in the week British politics lost its mind? Whatever your answer, pity one poor aide to a recently departed member of Labour’s frontbench who spent at least some of that week in hiding, having darted into a nearby toilet so that an oncoming corridor-roaming Corbynista did not spot …

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Green with envy

Ben Dilks  |  5 September 2014

What Natalie Bennett could learn from the European far-left The Green party has opted to jump the gun somewhat this year and schedule its conference two weeks ahead of the major parties – a strategy in stark contrast to that of the United Kingdom Independence party, which is provocatively squeezing its own event into the …

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Cameron fans the flames?

  |  14 April 2011

How fair was Cameron on the sensitive matter of immigration today? Alison McGovern MP, Denis MacShane MP, Tulip Siddiq and Rayhan Haque look at how his claims stack up in the light of Tory government actions past and present.

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Ed Miliband keynote speech

Adam Harrison  |  14 January 2011

Ahead of this weekend's Fabian conference, and Ed Miliband's keynote address there, Hopi Sen, Rupa Huq and Sam Townend give their views on what he should use this opportunity to say.

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Has IDS got it right?

  |  11 November 2010

Kate Green MP, Anne Begg MP, chair of the work and pensions committee, Margaret Curran MP, member of the work and pensions committee, Nicola Smith of the TUC, Sonia Sodha of Demos and Ben Fox of GMB Brussels react to today's plans

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Obama’s midterm blues?

  |  3 November 2010

Alex Bigham and Will Straw give their views on yesterday's midterm results. Will losing the House be an unexpected opportunity for Obama, or will it simply make life more difficult for him?

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100 days in 100 words

Adam Harrison  |  18 August 2010

The first 100 days of the Tory-Lib Dem government in just 100 words each... Oona King, Kate Green MP, Conor Ryan, Rory Palmer, Claire French, Andrew Pakes and Peter Wheeler

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Fiscal clampdown will hit growth – IMF

  |  9 July 2010

Rachel Reeves MP, Sally KeebleKitty Ussher, Ben Fox, Stephen Beer and Roland Marcelin-Horne respond to the IMF warning that European governments are restricting growth through overzealous fiscal clampdowns

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Student number cuts

  |  24 May 2010

As universities gear up for thousands of student places disappearing in the near future, David LammyWes Streeting, Christine Quigley and Joseph Sherry offer their thoughts on what impact the reduction will make.

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Labour’s next moves

  |  12 May 2010

Julian Ware-Lane, Gisela Stuart MP, Hopi Sen, Will Parbury and Rupa Huq react to the ConDem government, call for women leadership contenders and for Labour to regroup to win

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