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Drawing the line

Adrian McMenamin  |  18 January 2018

Most Jeremy Corbyn supporters are not ideologues; the rest are liable to resort to turn on each other, writes Adrian McMenamin

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Equal work for equal pay

Ellie Groves  |  17 January 2018

Men have a vital role to play in promoting gender pay equality, writes Ellie Groves 

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The real problem with the Office for Students

Robbie Young  |  17 January 2018

Toby Young’s resignation does not change the fundamental problems with the Office for Students, writes Robbie Young 

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The silent crisis in Britain’s justice system

Chris Evans MP  |  16 January 2018

Disarray in the justice system is less visible than in other areas – which is why it is so important we do not let the Tories sweep the problems under the carpet, argues Chris Evans MP

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No longer just a winter crisis

Joanne Harding  |  16 January 2018

The NHS cannot afford to ignore social care any longer – but adding the phrase to Jeremy Hunt’s job title is not a solution, writes Joanne Harding

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Keeping Britain open

Jack May  |  15 January 2018

In the debate about post-Brexit migration, Labour’s progressives must keep making the case for the immigration we need, writes Jack May

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Diversity challenge

Christabel Cooper  |  15 January 2018

Labour’s future success is dependent on its diversity, writes Christabel Cooper

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A star-spangled ballot?

Henna Shah and Sam Bright  |  12 January 2018

Following praise for her Golden Globes speech, should television star Oprah Winfrey run for United States president in 2020? Sam Bright and Henna Shah debate the topic that has gripped American politics this week

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A perpetual crisis

Catriona Ogilvy  |  11 January 2018

We must take real action to save our health service, writes Catriona Ogilvy  

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What will we inherit?

Adrian McMenamin  |  11 January 2018

Waiting around for the government to collapse does not inspire confidence, but there is still a reason to have faith in the Labour party, writes Adrian McMenamin

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