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Father and son

Forward thinking for fathers

Lucy Powell MP  |  19 January 2017

Ensuring flexible working conditions for fathers is crucial for social mobility, argues Lucy Powell The old saying goes that behind every successful man was a good woman. Now though, the inverse is often true. Behind most successful working mums is a dad doing their share and an extended family helping to manage the pressure of work …

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Money notes queen

Being anti-success won’t bring victory

Dom Anderson  |  19 January 2017

Voters will see policies like the wage cap as embracing the politics of envy – and they will never forgive us for it, writes Dom Anderson Last week I waited for the fabled Jeremy Corbyn relaunch with trepidation, I wondered quite how someone who has so far proven so unpopular with voters could magically become a …

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Israel flag

A fund for Israeli-Palestinian peace

Joan Ryan MP  |  18 January 2017

We need an international fund to bring a lasting peace to both sides of the Green Line, writes Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan MP The fact that neither Israeli nor Palestinian representatives were present at last weekend’s Paris peace conference tells you everything you need to know about the flawed approach of the international …

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More than the sum of our parts

Jim McMahon MP  |  18 January 2017

For change to happen successfully, it must be owned by everyone, not just a few, argues Jim McMahon MP

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Bold thinking on integration

Thom Brooks  |  17 January 2017

Britain is in urgent need of a national conversation about citizenship, argues Thom Brooks The integration of immigrants into British society is a key concern for the public. Two new reports by Dame Louise Casey last month and the APPG on Social Integration led by Chuka Umunna MP provide some welcome ideas to tackle this problem. Both recommend that migrants …

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victor grayson2

Victor Grayson: The Man and the Mystery

Dianne Hayter  |  17 January 2017

David Clark charts the career of Victor Grayson, an idealist ill-suited to tolerating others, writes Dianne Hayter At just 25, Victor Grayson was elected in 1907, a socialist, firebrand, handsome, bisexual, often drunk, always charismatic. Yet he disappeared – literally – 13 years later, never to be seen again. He had such promise, his byelection triumph …

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The European project will go on

Ivana Bartoletti  |  16 January 2017

Labour’s sister parties are prepared to place European Union unity over the interests of the UK, argues Ivana Bartoletti ‘Nothing is forever,’ Willy Brandt once said. At the Social Democratic party conference in Berlin, that was the quote chosen by Sigmar Gabriel, the party leader and candidate against Angela Merkel, to highlight how Brexit offers the …

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Street cleaner. Job. London. Working.

An uncertain future for workers’ rights

Patrick Briône  |  16 January 2017

The government’s assurances that workers’ rights will be protected post-Brexit are not convincing, writes Patrick Brione Last Friday, I watched with disappointment as a series of Conservative members of parliament spoke at great length in parliament about their favourite radio shows and recited a long series of other glib anecdotes. Their purpose? To waste parliamentary time in order …

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NHS hospital

Our NHS is in intensive care

Linda Thomas  |  13 January 2017

The Tories burying their heads in the sand over the winter crisis in our NHS is very troubling, writes deputy leader of Bolton council Linda Thomas Our jewel in the crown, our precious National Health Service, is in intensive care with a terminal prognosis, so the government’s continuing complacency is staggering and beggars belief. The …

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social care bed

Labour councils leading on social care

Paul Brant  |  13 January 2017

Labour in local government is innovating to compensate for lack of government funding, writes Paul Brant This winter the health and social care system is under unprecedented pressure, and parts of it are buckling. This was entirely predictable with an aging population, new costly treatments and the massive cuts to councils. Despite the underfunding however, …

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