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Building the sisterhood

Ashley Dalton  |  31 August 2017

The Jo Cox Women in Leadership course is helping women in the Labour party to combat misogyny and intimidation – and to support one another, writes Ashley Dalton When Jo Cox was elected to parliament in 2015 she was one of 99 Labour women members of parliament and they made up 42 per cent of the …

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A debt of gratitude

Sheila Gilmore  |  31 August 2017

Kezia Dugdale gave Scottish Labour a renewed confidence – and dragged it back to contention – and we owe it to her to build upon that legacy, writes Sheila Gilmore As a party we owe a great deal to Kezia Dugdale’s willingness to ‘step up to the plate’ in the difficult period following the 2015 general …

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Out of the wilderness

Chris Carter  |  25 August 2017

Moderates must develop the ideas, policies and sense of mission to extend Labour’s coalition beyond the university-educated and those that work in the public sector, writes Chris Carter ‘We need to reconnect with our working-class roots’, ‘we need not be afraid of the word “socialist” anymore’ were the cries that rang out across Newport working men’s …

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Funding the fight against hate

Vera Baird  |  24 August 2017

Without an increase in officer levels, the Criminal Prosecution Service’s commitment to tackle hate crime will go unfulfilled, writes Northumbria police and crime commissioner Vera Baird Director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders announced this week that online hate crime will be treated as seriously as the same crime committed face to face. This is not …

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At risk every day

Lauren Crowley  |  23 August 2017

Staffing levels in prisons across the United Kingdom must be addressed to stem the increase in life-threatening situations our prison officers face at work, argues Lauren Crowley On Saturday, two prison officers and members of Community working at HMP Addiewell in West Lothian were rushed to hospital after inhaling second hand smoke from the drug ‘Spice’. …

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The great British takeaway challenge

Ibrahim Dogus  |  23 August 2017

The takeaway industry is one of Britain’s most innovative sectors – politicians must take action to ensure that Brexit does not threaten its growth, writes Ibrahim Dogus The way we eat is changing. Whether it be lunch in the office or Saturday night dinner with the family, the British public has never had so much choice at …

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The north makes its voice heard

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  21 August 2017

The ‘day of moaning’ is a sign the north of England will no longer weather the Tories worsening the north-south divide without complaint, writes Jonathan Reynolds MP Moaning is a disempowering word. Label any criticism a ‘moan’ any you have swiftly invalidated the content and belittled the complainant. Sometimes northerners are characterised as great moaners. But that …

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A vacuum of ideas

Edward Jones  |  21 August 2017

Labour moderates will not earn the right to be heard until they articulate a coherent, positive vision for Britain that is distinct from Corbynism, argues Ed Jones Politics has changed since the last Labour leader to win a parliamentary majority stood down ten years ago. Labour centrists find ourselves in the wilderness, both in the party and in …

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Drip-feeding hatred

Naushabah Khan  |  18 August 2017

Trevor Kavanagh’s ‘Muslim problem’ article is the latest in a series of brazen Islamophobic attacks that have become widespread in the rightwing press, writes Naushabah Khan ‘What will we do about the Muslim problem?’ No this is not a statement from 1930s Nazi Germany, although you could be forgiven for mistaking it as one, but …

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A new era for the NHS

Richard Bourne and Steve Iliffe  |  17 August 2017

A 30-year consensus on how to run the NHS is coming to an end. The centre-left now needs to focus on new ideas, rather than returning to old ones, argue Richard Bourne and Steve Iliffe Inadequate funding has consequences as we see with our social care system. But simply increasing funding is not enough. It is …

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