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Sexism really does exist on the left

Ellie Groves  |  16 August 2017

Jess Phillips says that leftwing men can be ‘the worst’ when it comes to sexism. Fellow Labour party members should not be so quick to dismiss her, writes Ellie Groves  Men are not all bad. You would think that this would not need to be said, but I feel as though I should start this article …

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Mental health has no colours

Dan Crawford  |  15 August 2017

Watching an old friend become a powerful advocate for men’s mental health revealed how much more needs to be done on the issue, writes Dan Crawford I first met Lee Adams when we travelled across the country as wide-eyed teenagers and watched in astonishment as our beloved Fulham reached the Premier League playing the most …

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A new deficit

Conor Pope  |  14 August 2017

David Miliband is right – there is a growing democratic vacuum at the heart of Brexit that needs to be filled, writes Conor Pope It is easy to forget that the prospect of a two-part referendum was not the brainchild of proselytising Europhiles. Back in 2015, the two main proponents of a ‘second referendum’ were …

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Air quality is a life or death issue for Londoners

Leonie Cooper  |  11 August 2017

Today’s environment strategy is the first step in making Sadiq Khan’s green ambition for London a reality – and there is not a garden bridge gimmick in sight, writes Leonie Cooper AM Boris Johnson’s mayoral policies were rarely dull. From the two hundred million pounds garden bridge to the ‘much needed’ Thames cable car (used by …

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Towards a greener world of aviation

Parmjit Dhanda  |  11 August 2017

Heathrow expansion offers much more than a new runway. It is part of a new era of airport design and function, argues Back Heathrow executive director Parmjit Dhanda The proposed new runway project is the biggest privately funded infrastructure project in Europe. So, unsurprisingly, there are numerous hoops it must jump through before the first plane …

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Labour’s post-Brexit foreign policy

Sam Alvis  |  10 August 2017

Labour need to rebuild Britain’s reputation closer to home before they are once again respected enough to take action on the world stage, warns Sam Alvis Global affairs are back on the agenda. The Tories are using Brexit to launch an ‘Empire 2.0’ strategy, misguided both in direction and naming. Foreign policy is also one of the …

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Learn from the mistakes of the SDP

Andrew Adonis  |  9 August 2017

Those that talk of setting up a new pro-European party to combat Brexit should reflect on the fate of the Social Democratic party, writes Andrew Adonis In spring 1981 the Labour party appeared to be vanishing over the far left horizon. It was committed to leaving Europe and a hundred-and-one other lunacies. A dangerous Tony …

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Tackling the race pay gap

Rushanara Ali MP  |  9 August 2017

Government must take action to narrow the gulf between the earnings of ethnic minority Britons and their white British neighbours, argues Rushanara Ali MP On Monday, the Resolution Foundation published research that laid bare the shocking inequality in the household incomes between ethnic minority families and their white British counterparts. To be a member of a Pakistani, Indian, …

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A quiet optimism for Britain

Ibrahim Dogus  |  8 August 2017

Relieving tensions in our society means more than just anti-terrorism strategy – it means a government ready to make real reforms across the country, writes Ibrahim Dogus The appalling terrorist attacks on Manchester and London left us all facing a host of important questions. There are the obvious ones such as who or what inspired …

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Freedoms worth fighting for

Ria Bernard  |  4 August 2017

The ability to travel, study, live and work freely across the European Union must not be relinquished, writes Young Fabians vice-chair Ria Bernard There is no doubt that immigration was a major factor in determining the decisions of British voters in the European Union referendum. The Leave campaign argued strongly that the freedom of movement clause …

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