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Restoring black history to its place

Dawn Butler MP  |  23 October 2017

Black History Month provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the black community in the UK. Hopefully one day we will celebrate them all year round, writes Dawn Butler MP This month is the 30th anniversary of Black History Month in the United Kingdom. October is traditionally used to celebrate the remarkable …

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In defence of Nato

Grace Skelton and Kate Dearden  |  20 October 2017

Committed internationalist socialists should be urging Nato to adapt and upgrade – not spreading blatant myths and mistruths about it, write Kate Dearden and Grace Skelton Last weekend at Young Labour policy conference, delegates voted to support a motion calling on the Labour party to advocate for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the North Atlantic Treaty …

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Jacinda Ardern gets over the line

Dan Crawford  |  20 October 2017

Wealth redistribution, environmental protection, and an ambitious housebuilding program look to be at the heart of Ardern’s agenda for government, writes Dan Crawford It was not until the wily old performer Winston Peters started his speech in Beehive on Thursday that Jacinda Ardern got her first inkling that she could be New Zealand’s youngest prime minister in 150 years. …

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Time to repay our debt to Kurdistan

Lewis Baston  |  19 October 2017

With some imaginative, practical and humane support, Britain can deter threats to Kurdistan’s safety in the wake of its independence referendum, reports Lewis Baston I am interested in elections, and that is what took me to Iraq. I was privileged to observe the referendum on independence organised on 25 September by the Kurdistan regional government, …

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An end to puppy farming

Chris Evans MP  |  19 October 2017

The government must act to help local authorities hold irresponsible unlicensed puppy breeders to account, argues Chris Evans MP There are very few moments in life which match the excitement of buying a new puppy. Picking a breed, choosing a name, as well as purchasing all the accessories necessary for a new four-legged friend is …

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A radical waste of time

Conor Pope  |  18 October 2017

Progress deputy editor Conor Pope calls on pro-Europeans that want an internationalist Britain to join the Labour party – not another non-party that will amount to nothing Another day, another new Twitter account claiming to be a political movement. James Chapman, former Daily Mail political editor and adviser to David Davis as secretary of state …

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Fairness for kinship carers

Melanie Onn MP  |  18 October 2017

Kinship carers make enormous sacrifices to raise children who are not their own – they do not deserve to be penalised for doing so, believes Melanie Onn MP My great aunt Kath had a history of picking up strays. She was forever complaining about the cats which appeared out of nowhere in her kitchen, just …

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Prisons are letting women down

Chris Elmore MP  |  18 October 2017

Labour must break the cycle of poverty, isolation and reoffending that too often characterises the lives of women that leave prison, argues Chris Elmore MP The women’s prison population in England and Wales has doubled in the past 20 years. As a result, there are now close to 7,000 women reentering society each year. Most …

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Austria takes a rightwards turn

Philipp Novak  |  18 October 2017

Sebastian Kurz’s rapid rise to the top of Austrian politics could result in the dismantling of the welfare state, cuts in social benefits and a renewal of euroscepticism, writes Philipp Novak The result of the Austrian legislative election brought about a swing to the right. Both conservatives and rightwing populists have increased their votes, while the …

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Time for parliament to take back control

Chris Leslie MP  |  17 October 2017

The nightmare of a no-deal Brexit is becoming a reality. It’s vital that pro-Europeans of all parties join forces to stop ministers driving Britain over the cliff, argues Chris Leslie MP In Florence, Theresa May outlined her view for how Britain should transition away from European Union membership. Taken at her word, the prime minister …

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