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Climate change ad complaints were mostly thrown out

Melanie Smallman  |  18 March 2010

Yesterday's ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority on DECC's climate change ads is being flown as a flag of victory by climate change deniers. But while the media fell for this misleading spin, winning the headlines was the only victory that the deniers can really claim.

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Green shoots in the welfare debate

Paul Buddery  |  18 March 2010

The 2020 Public Services Trust responds to our columnist Kate Green: do they put too much faith in localism?

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Now is not the time to pull the plug

Claire McCarthy  |  18 March 2010

The Times's assertion that early years spending must go in favour of higher education is misguided and ignores the enormous benefit of universalism

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Doing the double on the BNP

Elvira Thissen  |  17 March 2010

After recent electoral success for the far right in France and the Netherlands, how should we handle the BNP in the run-up to the general election?

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Strengthen the sustainable communities act

Steve Shaw  |  16 March 2010

About 48 hours remain to get the sustainable communities act amendment bill through the Commons. Read on to lend your support by contacting the ministers in charge.

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Come campaigning in Manchester Withington

Richard Leese  |  16 March 2010

Richard Leese, leader of Manchester city council, explains why and how you can help the campaign in Manchester

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David v Goliath candidate of the day: Karen Buck

  |  16 March 2010

Our David v Goliath candidate of the day is a hard-working MP whose Tory opponents are direct mailing voters instead of wearing out their shoe leather. Read Karen's story and donate to help her win.

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Protecting the vultures

Steve Cockburn  |  16 March 2010

How can a single word shouted in parliament ruin a bill that would protect developing countries from unscrupulous opportunism?

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Buying silence through the law

Jonathan Heawood  |  15 March 2010

The government must reform libel law, a system already cracking under the weight of its own injustice

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The law should not be used to buy silence

Jonathan Heawood  |  15 March 2010

The government must sit up and take notice of the urgent need for libel reform. If not the system may well crack under its own injustice.

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