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The Progress interview: James Purnell

Adam Harrison  |  2 March 2010

James Purnell talks about what Labour can learn from community organising, his decision to stand down and whether it is impossible to be a politician and be thoughtful at the same time

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Keep the European heat on the Tories

Claude Moraes MEP  |  2 March 2010

Increasingly the Tories are divided and irrational on Europe. While not a new story, it is important to keep emphasising the dividing lines between Labour and Conservatives.

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A once-in-a-generation chance for libel reform

Mike Harris  |  1 March 2010

As MPs report on England's controversial libel laws, the Libel Reform Campaign calls on parliament to seize the moment for real change

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After Uganda: a new global front for equalities?

Steve Cockburn  |  1 March 2010

As a petition is handed to the speaker of the Ugandan parliament today against an anti-gay bill what else can Britain do to stand up for LGBT rights across the globe?

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Thatcher remains queen of Tory PPC hearts

Adam Harrison  |  25 February 2010

Today's New Statesman/ComRes poll amplifies the echoes of Thatcher and the 1980s that have been steadily approaching for a while now: this morning George Osborne said Tory cuts would be harsher than Margaret Thatcher's.

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NEETs are not a post-16 matter but a pre-five one

Sonia Sodha  |  25 February 2010

New figures show the number of 'NEETs' has fallen slightly since a year ago, but is above than the 2010 target of 7.6 per cent.

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A new design for ProgressOnline

Adam Harrison  |  24 February 2010

Today we are proud to launch our new ProgressOnline website. We've revamped the site to make it smarter, cleaner and easier to use, and we hope you like it and continue to come to us for all the latest news and views, especially at this crucial time in British politics.

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Faith, family and fairness: Labour’s ‘values voters’

Jim Murphy MP  |  24 February 2010

In the latest Progress lecture Jim Murphy put forward his views on moral issues he says are crucial to British voters

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Unite4Labour gearing up to call 4 Labour

Hannah Blythyn  |  24 February 2010

In readiness for the expected general election, the UK's largest union, Unite, is stepping up our new interactive campaigning facility at www.unite4labour.org

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Faith, fairness and family

Jim Murphy MP  |  24 February 2010

Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy last night delivered his Progress lecture on the role of faith in politics

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