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Labour’s quiet digital revolution

Jessica Asato  |  4 March 2010

Puzzled at the Tories' reputation for online savviness given Conservative activists' evident unhappiness with their system, Merlin, Jessica Asato points out Labour has long been forging ahead in the online arena

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Why vote Labour

Rachel Reeves MP  |  4 March 2010

Rachel Reeves talks about her new book, recounts the stories of people helped by strong public services, and how the writing of the book itself became a strong reminder of the need to vote Labour.

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New lease of life for social housing?

Paul Singleton  |  4 March 2010

How housing associations could form a hub for effective public service delivery and tackling closely-related issues of poor housing, health and low income

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Capable communities

Rick Muir  |  4 March 2010

Greater public involvement in service delivery could bring great rewards, but challenges remain, not least the lack of volunteers

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Goliath in Battersea

Martin Linton  |  3 March 2010

Battersea MP Martin Linton explains how the Tory millions are distorting the message that goes to voters, and how Labour supporters can fight back with donations going straight to the heart of these key constituencies

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Community Security Unions – A necessary boost for local security

Mark Button  |  3 March 2010

Now is the time to embrace the benefits of taking a cooperative approach to tackling crime in our communities.

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Hype versus reality: foundation trusts and mutuals

Andrew Pope  |  3 March 2010

New research suggests that greater democracy in foundation trusts can be 'prescribed', a path Labour should embark upon if it is serious about public service reform

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The Progress interview: James Purnell

Adam Harrison  |  2 March 2010

James Purnell talks about what Labour can learn from community organising, his decision to stand down and whether it is impossible to be a politician and be thoughtful at the same time

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Keep the European heat on the Tories

Claude Moraes MEP  |  2 March 2010

Increasingly the Tories are divided and irrational on Europe. While not a new story, it is important to keep emphasising the dividing lines between Labour and Conservatives.

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A once-in-a-generation chance for libel reform

Mike Harris  |  1 March 2010

As MPs report on England's controversial libel laws, the Libel Reform Campaign calls on parliament to seize the moment for real change

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