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The Insider April 2014

Matching Osborne’s moves

The Insider  |  8 April 2014

Fear is the constant companion of Labour in opposition. We become nervous when our poll leads shrink and the memory of lost elections past is summoned from our collective recall. Are we as secure and as safe from political earthquakes as we need to be to win? Last summer, as Labour seemed to falter, the …

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The Insider cartoon March 2014 Ed Miliband Ray Collins Len McCluskey

Now, win the peace?

The Insider  |  28 February 2014

When Ray Collins agreed to lead the party reform process, he was, your insider is reliably told, the third person to be offered the job. The first two grandees declined, hinting that their skills were inadequate to the challenge of peacefully changing Labour’s structures. Quietly, they were avoiding a job that looked like it could …

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Progress Magazine Cartoon December 2013

The two Eds struggle

The Insider  |  4 December 2013

There are always tensions at the top. Different agendas can come into conflict. When they do, it can be messy. Divided loyalties, and all that. I am speaking of the tensions between Ed Miliband and Ed Miliband, the trouble it has led to in Falkirk, and how party reform will be decided. The first Ed …

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Insider cartoon November 2013

Labour’s got talent

The Insider  |  4 November 2013

It finally happened. As predicted here, after being delayed by Syria and conference, it was politically exposed, middle-aged male former ministers who found themselves shunted from the shadow cabinet. This was seen as a cull of Blairites, but then the new people started doing more than walking down the street looking fresh-faced, and what they …

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The Insider cartoon October 2013

Ed Agonistes

The Insider  |  20 September 2013

From Syria to summer wrangling to the union link, Ed Miliband is struggling to keep Labour united, even at the cost of weakening himself. So this conference, you only have to look around the hall to understand the pressures he is under. Not long after Miliband’s election as leader, various Labour worthies began congratulating the …

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The Insider cartoon, September 2013

Great Burnham would …

The Insider  |  22 August 2013

Andy Burnham’s summer interventions over Labour’s future showed that he is a street-fighter gradually emerging from the cocoon of being a junior member of Labour’s post-1997 class of golden children – the Blair- and Brown-era special advisers turned MPs, turned fast-promoted ministers, who now dominate the Labour party leadership. In placing himself, rhetorically, as a …

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Cartoon July 2013. The Insider. Ed Miliband.

Ed at the chessboard

The Insider  |  2 July 2013

It is summer, and rumours of reshuffles float gently on the Westminster breeze.  Over the last year, talking to those around Ed Miliband, a quiet theme has emerged. The shadow cabinet has not been sharing enough of the burden of creating a vision of ‘One Nation’ Labour. Too much has been left to Miliband himself. …

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Cartoon June 2013. Maria Eagle, Angela Eagle

Ave Maria

The Insider  |  6 June 2013

The Labour party has our fair share of sibling rivalry. There is Ed and David Miliband, of course. There is Douglas and Wendy Alexander. Yet the most intriguing is not a rivalry at all. It is more a supportive working partnership, friendship and political alliance all rolled into one. In a way that is a …

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The Insider cartoon May 2013

Iron Man or rusty party?

The Insider  |  14 May 2013

Ed Miliband’s strength has exposed Labour’s stress points. How do we stop these turning into damaging cracks? Those advising Miliband feel a sense of frustration with the sudden emergence of discontent last month about Labour’s position. The economy is sputtering, Labour has a consistent lead in the polls, the government stumbles from economic failure to …

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The Insider cartoon April 2013

Lucky Jim

The Insider  |  3 April 2013

Of all the members of the shadow cabinet, Jim Murphy may be emerging as one of the most interesting. Regarded, unfairly, as a Blairite pur sang, Murphy has adapted to the leadership of Ed Miliband with a mixture of impeccable loyalty and a streak of independent thinking: willing to accept cuts to his department, firm …

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