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The Lansman tapes

The Insider  |  30 March 2017

Delayed: the 2020 service from opposition Like everything else the Labour party turns its hand to these days, the preparation for the Manchester Gorton byelection has not gone smoothly. The local party, having been suspended in the summer, still has a number of restrictions on it. The decision over when to go to the polls was delayed, as was …

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Sinking without a trace

The Insider  |  3 March 2017

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village Which is deserting Labour faster, voters or leadership authority? It is a surprisingly tough question. On the one hand, it barely registers as a shock that Labour can poll third with working-class voters, or lose Copeland after holding the seat for 82 continuous years. On the other hand, a shadow minister did …

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The Momentum monarch

The Insider  |  2 February 2017

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village Something is just not working. No matter how much he tries, Jeremy Corbyn just cannot find any peace and quiet. There was only one thing that could fix this: a brief foray into the world for a relaunch. We know it was a relaunch because it was briefed as such, thus putting …

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A little more cooperation

The Insider  |  2 December 2016

November’s events will be studied by politicos for a very long time to come. The experts laughed off his prospects but they are not laughing now. The fake-tanned long shot pulled off one of the most stunning upsets in recent times, after a campaign full of twists and turns and one or two hair-raising moments. But enough about Ed …

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Doin’ it for the kids

The Insider  |  23 September 2016

The list of red princes and princesses given comfy jobs in Jeremy Corbyn’s office often used to make your insider worry that Momentum was just a crèche for the children of the well-educated, well-paid establishment left. But your insider worries no more after the launch of the real thing: Momentum Kids. Let’s take it as read that …

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Respect the man date

The Insider  |  25 August 2016

Labour remains a long way from power nationally but next year should hopefully bring a group of new city leaders. What a shame, then, that each one will be male.   For a long time Labour has preached more than practised the idea of equality in who it selects to represent the party. This columnist shares very little of …

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Guerrilla opposition 

The Insider  |  11 July 2016

For generations to come they will ask: where were you in the week British politics lost its mind? Whatever your answer, pity one poor aide to a recently departed member of Labour’s frontbench who spent at least some of that week in hiding, having darted into a nearby toilet so that an oncoming corridor-roaming Corbynista did not spot …

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Cold water time

The Insider  |  8 June 2016

Jon Cruddas’ long-awaited independent inquiry into why Labour lost last year’s general election, released last month, was a rerun of the slow-motion car crash your insider, and, no doubt readers at home, bore horrified witness to after 2010. As a bucket of cold water to snap the old believers out of their earlier faith in …

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Horsing about

The Insider  |  6 April 2016

In just five days, George Osborne’s budget delivered a cabinet resignation, a Labour poll lead and a total reversal on welfare. This meant Labour members of parliament returned to Westminster the following Monday in an unusually optimistic mood. This positivity lasted until 30 seconds into Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in the House of Commons that Monday afternoon. Not only did Corbyn fail …

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Mountain to climb

The Insider  |  18 March 2016

This edition of Progress is being guest-edited and written by women. So this column is dedicated to what I believe the young people call ‘signal boosting’, highlighting women whose contribution to the Labour party is unjustly underrated, misunderstood, or underappreciated. This is a sad tradition in our party. Who recalls Ethel Donald – Herbert Morrison …

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