The labour interest

Brexit is Labour’s future

Jonathan Rutherford  |  10 January 2017

The Labour party must stand with the labour interest – and that means embracing Brexit, writes Jonathan Rutherford Brexit has exposed the cultural and political divisions within the Labour party and its coalition, and it has confounded it. But Brexit is a profound moment in the history of our country and it offers Labour the …

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Hard Brexit is not in the Labour interest

Christabel Cooper  |  10 January 2017

Labour does not need to support a hard Brexit in order to recast itself as a nation-building party, argues Christabel Cooper. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. Anyone seeking an explanation for Britain’s vote to leave the European Union without reference to culture and identity is on a hiding to nothing. So when Jonathan …

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Rejecting the politics of pessimism

John Denham  |  10 January 2017

Rebuilding Labour as a progressive patriotic party will need a broader foundation than Brexit, writes John Denham. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. For much of the time, political history moves incrementally. The divisive issues of one moment seem barely important a little later on. At other times – Clement Attlee’s government, the …

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The end of liberalism?

Ellie Groves  |  10 January 2017

Turning the clock back on Britain would be an abdication of the national interest, argues Ellie Groves. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. Is this the end of liberalism as we know it? Does Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of the populist right mean that Labour, without scrutiny, should make the conclusion that …

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Labour’s patriotism must not be nostalgic

Joe Jervis  |  10 January 2017

Constitutional reform and devolution will be crucial to restoring faith in both our democracy and our economy, writes Joe Jervis. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. ‘You’ve got to unpack … what bits of the so-called liberal agenda have failed and what bits haven’t’. When Tony Blair, usually so staunch in defence of …

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