The Politics of Solutions

Getting infrastructure back on track

Rowan Ree  |  4 November 2014

Infrastructure is the life-blood of an economy. Coming in the form of energy, transport, communications, water and waste, it creates the national networks in which we live our lives. In the short term, infrastructure investment brings a stimulus to local areas. Each pound spent on a project generates £2.84 during the construction phase. In the …

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Earning, belonging and owning

Phil Wilson MP  |  24 July 2013

Surely aspiration drives our politics? We aspire for our children to do better than we did ourselves. We aspire for our communities to do well, and we believe the best way of securing all of this is through working together because we achieve more together than we ever do alone. We should never let the …

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One nation at work

Alison McGovern MP  |  15 July 2013

The economy has undoubtedly gone global. What does this mean for the average British person at work? As long ago as 1997 economists like Adrian Wood described the impact of globalisation on the labour market. Since then a consensus has grown that labour market insecurity was, at least in part, a consequence of decreased trade …

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