Union matters

The Dhaka disaster and Workers’ Memorial Day

Michael Leahy  |  28 April 2013

‘Immediately we fell several storeys. I closed my eyes as the entire place was engulfed with dust. A stitching machine fell on my leg. All I could see were dead bodies all around me.’ Those are the words of Shariful, a worker who was pulled from the rubble of a garment factory that collapsed. His …

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Extending collective bargaining

Jenny Simms  |  6 September 2012

This Sunday sees the start of TUC Congress 2012 where we all head to Brighton for four days of days of sore heads, chips on the pier and this great movement of ours. This year, for the first time since 1942, the TUC’s affiliated membership fell just under six million. In the private sector unions …

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Collateral damage

Jenny Simms  |  22 June 2012

Figures released by the TUC this week highlight the shocking extent of long-term youth unemployment. In the last year alone, the amount of young people unemployed for a period of 12 months or more has gone up by 264 per cent and although youth unemployment rose rapidly after the financial crisis, their analysis shows it …

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Unions and the new economy

Jenny Simms  |  19 April 2012

‘There will come a time when the Treasury understands economics but it hasn’t happened yet’ and with that remark it was Martin Wolf of the Financial Times who became the darling of the Unions21 annual conference. Our conference theme of Unions and the New Economy brought together economists, journalists, trade unionists and politicians to debate …

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The hidden workforce

Jenny Simms  |  16 February 2012

On Sunday Cameron announced there was ‘no place for racism in Britain’. For once, Mr Cameron is right. What is he going to do about it? Well, there is going to be a football summit. There is no denying that disgusting displays of racist abuse and aggression shown by certain football players cannot go unsanctioned …

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Workers’ Memorial Day

Hannah Blythyn  |  27 April 2011

These are a busy times politically and constitutionally, what with local, Scottish and Welsh elections; a referendum on the voting system; and a royal wedding to boot.

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Why trade unionists should vote Yes for Wales

Hannah Blythyn  |  1 March 2011

While many of the political class around Westminster may be caught up in the debate around the AV referendum in May, there is another - arguably more significant - choice being put before the Welsh people this week.

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Cameron and Lansley’s NHS wrecking ball

Hannah Blythyn  |  19 January 2011

Today sees health secretary Andrew Lansley present his government's Health and Social Care Bill to the House of Commons - a bill that has the potential to sound the death knell for the NHS as we know it.

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The Labour-trade union link

Hannah Blythyn  |  24 November 2010

The Labour-trade union link should stay not just for its historical significance but because it connects the party to working people. Any changes to the party's electoral system should seek to retain this unique relationship.

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Unions considered but firm in face of cuts

Hannah Blythyn  |  16 September 2010

As this year's TUC congress in Manchester draws to a close, despite the best attempts of some of the media to focus on old stereotypical notions of union discontent and disruption, the central theme that has come out of the congress itself is the emphasis on unity and a collective, considered response to cuts.

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