This issue is one of equality

Sarah-Jane Smyth  |  3 November 2017

If people into the habit of voting from early on they will continue to do so throughout their adult lives, writes Sarah-Jane Smyth. This article is part of a guest edit on #VotesAt16. Two years ago, in 2015, as a politically engaged young woman, I was keeping up to date with everything happening in the general election campaign. However, …

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The long journey to political education in schools

Marian Craig  |  3 November 2017

Reducing the voting age is important – but we should also campaign for political education in schools, writes Marian Craig. This article is part of a guest edit on #VotesAt16. In 1832, men aged 21 and over who met the correct property criteria were given the right to vote. It took until 1918 before women aged 30 and over …

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Democracy is about franchising people

Jim McMahon MP  |  3 November 2017

Young people have earned their right to have a greater say in our politics, writes Jim McMahon.  This article is part of a guest edit on #VotesAt16. The campaign to lower the voting age is not a new one. But there is a point in history when the time comes. We have seen it in our recent past, …

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The time has come

James Cleverley  |  3 November 2017

It is time politicians put some faith in the future of the country by allowing votes at 16, writes James Cleverley. This article is part of James’ #VotesAt16 guest edit. The future of our country is currently in its most uncertain point in generations. With a weak and divided Tory government limping towards a no-deal …

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