CLP Central

An active local Labour party is the bedrock on which the success of the wider movement is built. CLP Central is Progress’ contribution to helping local parties be strong, active and outward-looking.

•    Need a speaker for your next meeting? Check out the Progress Speaker List

•    Why not turn your next branch meeting into a reading group? Download the latest ‘reading group article’ and debate the ideas in Progress magazine with others in your local party

•    In an area where you’re trying to revive the local party or build on ‘red shoots’? Third Place First which says there are ‘no “no-go” areas for Labour’ may be for you

•    Can you help marginal seats across the south? Labour’s insight is that we achieve more together than we do alone. Whether you’re in a ‘safe’ Labour or ‘safe’ Tory seat, your fundraising activities could help give marginal seats the much-needed resources for Labour to win back key seats in 2015. Help with a Fightback Fundraiser and your events will be awarded the Fightback Fundraiser kitemark.

•   Progress aims to shine a light on the processes by which parliamentary and local government candidates are selected. We understand that putting yourself forward for selections can be daunting, difficult and time-consuming. But with good preparation, the barriers which put off too many people are not insurmountable. Find out more here…

•   Refounding Labour – changing the Labour party to win. Read Progress’ submission to how we should reform the party, including the introduction of primaries in Labour candidate selection.

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