Selections training

Progress aims to shine a light on the processes by which parliamentary and local government candidates are selected. We understand that putting yourself forward for selections can be daunting, difficult and time-consuming. But with good preparation, the barriers which put off too many people are not insurmountable.

What Progress provides:

  • Training on the process

Progress has therefore developed a workshop for those who are interested in getting selected. The workshop covers campaign planning, messaging and organising a campaign team.

To attend the workshop you must be a Progress member on the day of the training session.

The training is led by Richard Angell. Richard is director of Progress and is a former chair of Young Labour. He helped with a number of successful selection campaigns in the last parliament, including those of Stephen Twigg, Emma Reynolds, Jonathan Reynolds, Gloria De Piero and Tom Blenkinsop, all now members of parliament.

  • Mentoring

Following the training, the Progress team are able to provide advice and help on leaflets, speeches and campaign packs to Progress members going for selection who request it.

What Progress doesn’t provide:

Progress cannot support candidates financially or provide additional assistance with contacting members or visits.

The role of the Progress strategy board:

Progress’ advice, training and guidance on selections is provided by Richard Angell, director of Progress. Please email him on richard[at] If any Progress member has any concerns or issues they wish to raise, please contact Richard.

The work of Progress in and around selections remains primarily to help people to understand Labour’s complicated and ever-changing selection regime. This work is, however, overseen by the Progress strategy board, who have nominated Alison McGovern MP, Mandy Telford and Jo-ann Robertson to oversee this work. They can be contacted on selections[at]

The next training event is scheduled for:

We currently have no selection training events scheduled. Get in touch if you wish to suggest one in your area.


Check out the latest open parliamentary selections on MembersNet.  More about these seats can be found here on Membersnet.

The list of recent open/all-women shortlist seats is here.

Articles on selection:

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