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The Progress 100 Club offers you the opportunity to enjoy the great benefits of being a member of Progress while supporting our work further.

I am a Progress member and would like to upgrade to the 100 Club

If you currently pay by direct debit, please email our membership team or call 020 3435 9854 to change the amount you pay. If you pay by PayPal or standing order, please fill out the appropriate direct debit form below.

I would like to join Progress and the 100 Club

Progress membership gives you the unique opportunity to shape the political debate in the Labour party. As a member you will receive our full colour monthly magazine which, along with the Progress website, ProgressOnline, provides an important platform for the debate and discussion of progressive and radical ideas. Progress membership also entitles you to special discounts on all of our fee-paying events.

Members of the Progress 100 Club are invited to two exclusive events a year and can attend our flagship event, Progress annual conference, for free.

The Progress 100 Club is only open to current members of the Labour party. If you are not a member of the Labour party but wish to receive the magazine, you can subscribe to Progress here.

Monthly 100 Club

Annual 100 Club

Join the Thousand ClubProgress Event 21 07 14-2392

The newly created Progress Thousand Club is a unique opportunity for people to support the work of Progress. Members of the Progress Thousand Club can attend all Progress events for free and are invited to unique and exclusive events on a regular basis.

In addition to supporting Progress in the this new chapter as an organisation, you can help bring on a next generation of talent in the party. every member of the Thousand Club will be supporting a bursary for a young member/student to attend the Progress political weekend – our primary training event. MPs, MEPs and councillors all attended as participants pre-getting elected. The weekend has been pivotal in helping people prepare to become parliamentary candidates, public speaking and working in the Labour movement. Feedback from the event is always excellent and attendees have reported the event being key to their development in the Labour party and public life.

Monthly Thousand Club

Annual Thousand Club


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