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February edition

Selected articles

2018: the year that decides Brexit

The theory goes: by the end of the year we will know the shape of Brexit.

And yet, at the start of it, there is wild confusion – even within the Conservative party – about the position of the government and what it wants to achieve.

In this magazine, we review the state of play, and how the year of Brexit will pan out.

Alison McGovern MP and Peter Mandelson explain how the two parliamentary chambers are working together to shape Brexit.

Roger Liddle says that self-entitlement is causing Britain to make excessive demands of its European counterparts, while Richard Carr runs through the key Brexit battles to expect in 2018.

Breaking long-held silences

Freelance journalist Jane Merrick, who spoke up about an unwanted encounter with former defence secretary Michael Fallon (leading to his cabinet sacking), says that the #MeToo movement must spawn concrete action – in the form of an independent reporting service for sexual harassment.

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A gap in the market

Alan Milburn, former health secretary and former chair of the Social Mobility Commission, calls on progressives to regain their radicalism and deflate the populist surge.

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Letter from… Dublin

Irish Labour leader Brendan Howlin proposes a solution to the central sticking point of Brexit negotiations so far: the Irish border question.

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Listening to labour

We must take urgent action to address the corporate short-termism that led to the collapse of Carillion, writes Wolverhampton North East MP Emma Reynolds.

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