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July edition

The route to social justice

Labour went into the last general election proposing a ‘cradle to grave’ National Education Service. We investigate what this scheme should actually look like, while also celebrating the NHS’ 70th birthday.

Selected articles

To improve education, we must address inequalities inside and outside schools

People involved in running schools should be at the centre of the education policy debate, writes Ros McMullen.

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Oracy: changing the education conversation

Oli de Botton explains a simple, innovative way to improve education.

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Interview with Jonathan Ashworth

‘The NHS is in crisis on its 70th anniversary. It will, again, fall to a Labour government to rebuild and restore an NHS there for every family when they need it.’

We interview Jonathan Ashworth – shadow secretary of state for health and social care

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Special editorial: The birthday insult

The Tories’ pledge to put more money into the NHS must be seen in the context of their recent spending policies – which have starved the health service for eight years. Our latest editorial explains why we need a serious renewal plan for the NHS.

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June edition

Sole trader

The government’s post-Brexit economic plan is a free trade fantasy. We argue that the Brexiteer belief in free trade deals is entirely misplaced, and would lead to the downgrading of environmental and consumer standards, while failing to effectively ‘control’ immigration.

Selected articles


Free trade fantasies sustain Brexit. It is time to dismantle these mythical future trade agreements.

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A social democrats’ Europe

We must remember that the European single market was created as a social democratic alternative to Thatcherism: enshrining rights, values and protections for workers, writes David Miliband.

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Brexit will damage our ability to help poorer nations

Despite what many people believe, the EU offers ample trade opportunities to poorer, non-European nations, writes Progress chair Alison McGovern.

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Debunking the Brexit trade myth

Most free trade deals take a long time to negotiate, and usually involve major compromises. They are a bad substitute for membership of the customs union and single market, write Francis Grove-White and Jonathan Lis.

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April edition

Fully automated luxury social democracy

Technological change cannot be stopped, but its effects can be shaped by political decisions. We consider the advantages – and the challenges – of advances such as automation, artificial intelligence and big data, and ask what role they have in a progressive future.

Selected articles

How artificial intelligence is helping to solve insurmountable problems

Hannah Miller explains how we can harness artificial intelligence for social good.

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Automation for the people

In an economy where productivity growth has fallen behind, we should encourage the use of robots, not tax them, argues Chris Yiu

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Innovation where it is most needed

Alex Mitchell explains how digital innovation is now spreading across the globe, and is levelling the playing field

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March edition

Freedom of manoeuvre

Amidst continuing confusion about the Brexit settlement, we make the argument that reforms to freedom of movement will be key if the UK is to stay in the single market.

Richard Angell outlines 10 changes we could make that would work with our values and help to quell public concerns.

Tom Harris demonstrates the challenge for no change ‘remoaners’, and Anna Turley explains why digital ID cards are the future.

Selected articles


On immigration, we need to cut off the options that allow our opponents to disguise their prejudices as caring about inequality

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Culture wars

We must stand up for migrants – the current conversation on integration works for nobody, argues Henna Shah

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Reality bites

Ignoring immigration and championing the gig economy has left low‑paid workers disillusioned and desperate, finds James Bloodworth

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Breaking the deadlock

We have learned that the way to prevent populists from exploiting anxiety about immigration is not to ignore people’s concerns, but to acknowledge and deal with them, writes Harvey Redgrave

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