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April 2007


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Editorial Have some faith Labour needs a renewed sense of purpose

Let’s get together Should Labour be worried by the new super-union, asks Roger Undy

His friends in the north As David Cameron sets his sights on northern voters, how should Labour respond, wonders Chris Leslie

Right to work Welfare must be reformed to meet the challenges of our globalised world, says John Hutton

Now for the bad news The Middle East needs democracy now more than ever, suggests David Pinto-Duschinsky

A little local difficulty Despite the very real threat the BNP represent, we should not exaggerate their importance, says Matthew Goodwin


‘It’s a two-way street’ Labour members and government need to listen to each other, Hazel Blears tells Jessica Asato and Jennifer Gerber

Back to our roots Labour should worry less about its key marginals and more about rebuilding its 1997 coalition, Jon Cruddas tells Jennifer Gerber and Mark Day

Westminster watch Tough love Gordon Brown should tread on some liberal toes, says Ben Leapman

Tanked up Tongue-tied Mark Day reports from wonk world

Progress Diary Tom Brooks Pollock on upcoming events from Progress


Cover story Take a chance Are school lotteries the best way of closing the education gap, asks Simon Griffiths

‘You can’t please everyone’ Brighton council leader Simon Burgess reports from the front line of the schools lottery debate

First 100 days Dare to care Transforming adult social care will be one of the key challenges facing a new Labour leader, says Ivan Lewis

Let’s talk about sex Labour must speak more frankly about teenage sex, warns Simon Blake

A Gallic gamble Which candidate will capture the French public mood and succeed Jacques Chirac to the presidency, asks Constance Motte


No place like home Edward Andersson enjoys a history of social housing

Transition tips Nick Pearce gets to grips with New Labour’s guru

The man in full Suresh Pushpananthan is impressed by a life of Michael Foot

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is director of Progress

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