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April 2008


ProgressOnline Responses to John Hutton’s Progress lecture on wealth and aspiration

Editorial Taxing times The debate about City salaries and bonuses misses the point. We need to talk about tax

Uncapping success John Hutton argues that Labour must remain enthusiastic about financial success

Frontier spirit The key lesson from the recent Pakistani elections is to trust people to judge for themselves, says John McNally

Britain’s Baracks More needs to be done to provide young black men with positive role models, believes Parmjit Dhanda

Cost confusion An economic slowdown will put pressure on the Tories to make sure their sums add up, suggests Mark Stuart

The final strait? Neither US Democratic candidate has yet broken out of their comfort zone, argues Matt Browne


Westminster watch Equal difficulties Could new equality proposals put businesses in an uncomfortable position, asks Ben Leapman

Tanked up Trading insults Ed Thornton rounds up the latest news from planet wonk

Progress news Details of the new Progress policy groups


Cover story Lamenting Darfur Targeted air strikes may be the only way to shackle Kartoum and its murderous clients, says Hratche Koundarjian

Way to win? Is a new progressive approach to victory in Afghanistan emerging, asks Alan Johnson

Ground support Tensions between Iran and the west must not distract progressives from supporting reformers, says Alex Bigham

State of the nations Prevention is the key to tackling failed states, believes Claire Hickson

Peace talk Despite the despondent atmosphere, this is a propitious moment to bring the Israel-Palestine conflict to an end, says Tony Klug


The Chinese way Leni Wild finds Mark Leonard’s latest book on China required reading

Media flaw Tom Brooks Pollock reviews Nick Davies’ indictment of modern journalism

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