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April 2009


Editorial Don’t turn your back Dismissing New Labour’s record won’t secure a progressive future

Inbox The latest from the Progress website

Power connection Giving local politicians more power could reinvigorate representative democracy, argue Stephen Twigg and Steve Munby

Out of shape The civil service needs major structural reform, says Greg Rosen

Going nuclear Jamie Reed calls for a new environmentalism driven by pragmatism, not ideology

Fighting hard June’s local elections will be tough for Labour, says John Healey, but it must campaign as vigorously as ever

Better together In these turbulent times, the case for the union is stronger than ever, claims Jim Murphy

Ground force Labour should stop complaining about Tory money and concentrate on inspiring local activists, says Ruth Smeeth


Progress news A roundup of recent Progress events

Tanked up All the latest from the nation’s thinktanks

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story Hold out hope Progressives must put aside arguments about the Iraq war and help ensure the country’s future is a bright one, says Ranj Alaaldin

Military man John Hutton talks to Mark Day and Jessica Asato about why tackling terrorism requires more than just military might

Power brokers Following their argument in the press, Progress brings together Philip Collins and Jon Cruddas to debate the left’s approach back to power

Right return Responding to local concerns is the best way of winning back BNP voters, says Margaret Hodge

Wisdom waits Finding a way out of the economic crisis requires international cooperation – and a calmer politics, says Denis MacShane


Backbench bites Peter Riddell reviews Chris Mullin’s much talked about diaries

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