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April 2010

GE 2010: The Policy

Editorial Let’s stick together to win together Against all the odds, Labour is in great shape to win this election

Campaign zone A sample of Progress’ new web feature for the election, featuring campaigning tips and tales

Liberal intervention Alex Bigham examines what the implications would be for foreign policy in the event of a hung parliament

Under the microscope Will Straw pinpoints the Tories’ weaknesses on five key policy areas

Austerity alert The Tories’ slash-and-burn policies would jeopardise the economic recovery Labour is working so hard to ensure, says Rachel Reeves

Classroom support Of all the parties’ school funding proposals, only Labour’s is genuinely progressive and workable, says Sonia Sodha

Enabling action The Tories’ web presence may get good press, but it is Labour’s online strategy that is really working, says Alex Smith

Broken links? The Conservatives’ technology manifesto contains little that is new – as well as some real oddities says Simon Redfern

GE 2010: The Practice

Rising to the challenge Douglas Alexander talks to Ed Thornton and Jessica Asato about Labour’s election campaign strategy – and why we should not fear Tory money

Solid Gould Philip Gould tells Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton why the public is not convinced by Cameron – and why he is optimistic about Labour’s future

No union blues Community general secretary Michael Leahy talks to Jessica Asato about Labour’s relationship with the unions and why a Tory government would be bad news for his members

On your marks… Paul Richards offers tips on how Labour candidates and activists can win the short campaign in their constituencies

Moving target Luke Akehurst advises on how Labour activists can take on the well-organised and opportunistic Lib Dems

Rate my Tory Our new website profiles every Tory candidate and asks one simple question: are they progressive or not?

David versus Goliath Following the launch of Progress’ campaign to raise cash for Labour candidates in marginal seats targeted by Lord Ashcroft’s money, we profile a selection of Davids standing up to the Belize-based Goliath

On the record 50 Labour achievements that party activists can draw on when talking to voters about what the party has done – and why it fights on for a fourth term

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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