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April 2011


Editorial Competing on competence The coalition may yet become a byword for incompetence, but this will not be enough for a Labour victory in 2015

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Opinion Bad medicine Elements of the health reforms should be backed, but we must oppose plans that endanger quality and remove power from patients and local communities, says Alan Milburn

The Big Idea The tortoise and the hare Many seats that Labour needs to win again appear out of reach. But innovation and hard graft can win them back – if the party accords its candidates time and space, argues Jack Storry

Opinion Mancunian way Cities like Manchester are the drivers of our future economy. High-speed rail is essential to further growth, writes Richard Leese

Opinion Choose your words carefully The coalition has framed the discussion about the deficit. It’s time Labour changed the terms of debate, says Adam Harrison

The Progressive No flies on us Once bitten over Iraq, Labour risked becoming dangerously shy on the world stage. Its support for action in Libya shows its internationalist heart still beats strong

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Opinion Eastern promise Labour lost badly in eastern England last May. It need not do so again, write Bob Blizzard and Lewis Baston

Opinion Embracing reform As the Progress party reform survey launches, how different could Labour look and behave in the future?

Commentary Liberal distractions Three decades since the formation of the SDP, Labour finds itself in a similar corner and risks striking out at the wrong enemy, says Robert Philpot

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Jessica Asato with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary Forthcoming Progress events and campaigning for Labour in key seats

Vote 2011

Seeking red shoots Making a comeback in previously Labour-free zones, rather than seizing back control of councils, could be the big story this May, argues Lewis Baston

Economy for the doorstep Your quick guide to talking about the economy when out campaigning

AV for the doorstep Your quick guide to making the case for AV


Cover story Osborne’s world The chancellor has a long-term plan and it’s nakedly political. How should Labour respond, asks Anthony Painter

Plan G for growth The ‘growth strategy’ in George Osborne’s budget amounted to little more than Thatcherite cuts to corporation tax and regulation, writes Will Straw

The mind of the middle Reconnecting with Britain’s middle classes is crucial for Labour. Deborah Mattinson guides us through the menagerie of the modern-day middle class

Essay Learning to let go Passing power to communities sits at the heart of the ‘big society’. Continuing our series on Labour’s response to the government’s big ideas, Ralph Michell urges the party to embrace localism, while applying its own stringent tests of equality and efficiency


Behind the Black Door Angela Smith enjoys Sarah Brown’s account of life at No 10

How to be in Opposition Neil Stewart, former chief of staff to Neil Kinnock, reflects on the lessons to be learned from this new collection

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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