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April 2012


Editorial Time for an alternative The first Queen’s speech in two years is imminent. Labour should seize on the event to set out its own stall

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Opinion All talk and no trousers There have only ever been 13 women MPs in Wales, and it is about to get worse, says Cathy Owens

Opinion The Tories’ thin blue lead With the coalition vulnerable, Labour could re-establish its authority on law and order, argues David Pinto-Duschinsky

Opinion The grannies versus the grandees George Osborne got the politics of the budget all wrong but Labour has yet to win back the public’s trust, writes Kitty Ussher

The Big Idea Clear blue water Mary Creagh outlines how Labour can stand up for a fairer deal by demanding greater responsibility in the water industry

The Progressive Costing Scotland dear An independent Scotland is a non-starter, but advocates of ‘devo-max’ should be careful what they wish for

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Commentary Does Obama deserve it? The president’s first term has been better than critics from right and left claim, suggests Anthony Painter

Opinion City selectors Candidates for city mayors face a breakneck selection process, reports Richard Angell

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary News about Progress’ Third Place First conference


Cover story The worst loss of all Labour’s defeat in April 1992 had a profound impact on the party. What are the lessons for today, asks Paul Richards

Battleground 2012 Labour can expect to do well in local elections this year, but fortunes in London and Scotland look more uncertain, argues Lewis Baston

The case for Ken Ken Livingstone’s pledges are New Labour ones. This is a campaign no one can sit out, believes Tessa Jowell

All in the mind Labour is currently espousing a new centre-ground. But how useful is this notion, asks Peter Kellner

Demand, not supply Labour can again contest the centre-ground if it untangles the web of immigration, jobs and wages, suggests Matt Cavanagh

The missing middle The government’s laissez-faire experiment with our schools is depriving local people of a voice. Schools commissioners could provide the answer, writes Rick Muir


Leaders of the Opposition from Churchill to Cameron Greg Rosen seeks lessons for Ed Miliband from a new study of his predecessors

The Bank: Inside the Bank of England Allen Simpson enjoys a gossipy history of wilfully opaque institution

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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