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April 2014


Editorial –
Home and away Experience tells us Labour needs to campaign as it would govern

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion High stakes in Tower Hamlets Joshua Peck on why Lutfur Rahman must go

Opinion Remembering Rwanda The risk of genocide across the world remains, warns Stephen Twigg

Opinion Sign up now It is time to stop debating about debates, says Ben Bradshaw

Opinion Action stations We need more women in business, writes Meg Munn

Letter from … Christophe Sente reports on the shifting landscape of political alliances in Belgium

The Progressive Defend the link The Tories, banks and Daily Mail want the cooperative movement to founder because they fear its power

Opinion The BBC of the world Brian Brivati describes what the Labour party’s foreign policy should be for

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Opinion The Co-op pays a high price Reform must maintain cooperative principles, argues Meg Hillier

Dates for your diary News of forthcoming Campaign for a Labour Majority events

Commentary It’s the assets, stupid Kitty Ussher on how Labour should respond to the budget’s pensions shake-up

FordeThought Nigel Farage, guilty pleasure The Ukip leader joins the likes of Abba and Hollyoaks in the mind of Matt Forde


Cover story
‘We need a bold, imaginative offer’ A confident Jon Cruddas tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell it is ‘game time’ for Labour’s policy review

Tackling migration myths Getting tone and message right is essential for discussing immigration, advises Atul Hatwal

Made in England As England celebrates its national day this month, Stephen Bush talks to voters about ‘Englishness’ and uncovers a worrying mood

Who do they think they are? Tolerant and fair-minded or obsessed by class and suspicious of foreigners? Peter Kellner unveils research for Progress on how the English view themselves

The last big test Labour should be aiming for  steady progress rather than huge gains in next month’s elections, writes Lewis Baston

A poor excuse The lionising of Venezuela betrays a preference for the idea of ‘socialism’ over actually fighting inequality, writes
James Bloodworth


Revolt on the Right: Explaining support for the radical right in Britain The definitive work on the rise of Ukip has arrived, says Anthony Painter

The Tories: From Winston Churchill to David Cameron A new book illuminates the grand strategy and low cunning of Conservatism, writes Paul Richards

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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