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April 2015


Editorial Stand a little taller The Conservatives should not even be in contention in the coming general election

Opinion A better future John Woodcock on why we must win the election

Letter from … Jessica Asato says the race in majority territory just got personal

Cover story Preparing for power The Labour party in government will urgently need to cultivate the seeds of movement politicsit sowed in opposition, writes Mark Ferguson

The voice of all who care Taken together the changes in care Labour has promised will be transformative, argues Liz Kendall

Make work pay Labour will restore the dignity of earning a day’s wage, says Rachel Reeves

Opinion Taking on the populist threat Tristram Hunt and Dan Jarvis share their thoughts on how to tackle the Green party and Ukip on the doorstep

Commentary Common purpose Tom Bentley on the lessons from Australian Labor’s experienceof minority government

FordeThought The clickbait election Don’t be seduced by titillating titles, warns Matt Forde

The Progressive Tested to destruction How to survive the short campaign

Election 2015 doorstep guide

Britain succeeds when working families succeed Lucy Powell on the closest election in a generation

The final sweep Switchers from the Conservative party hold the key to victory next month, argues Richard Angell

A better plan for a better future Five parliamentary candidates present Labour’s five pledges to Britain

The doorstep challenge Mandy Telford gives her tips for those new to the doorstep


Chilled out The Lobbying Act is silencing the voices of non-party campaigners, writes Stephen Bubb

The party of free speech Labour will clear up the ‘dog’s breakfast’ of the Lobbying Act, pledges Stephen Twigg

Cascade of disadvantage For a Labour government, improving social mobility must start with reducing inequality, writes James Bloodworth

Purple patches Stephen Bush reviews the influence of The Purple Book on Ed Miliband’s Labour party

Five years of Progress Looking back over a parliament of working for a Labour majority as Labour’s new mainstream

Partnerships into power Richard Angell reviews the events series, collaborations and stakeholders that made 2010-15 a success for Progress


Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change Jamie Reed identifies the unintended consequence of Caroline Lucas’ new book

How Good We Can Be: Ending the Mercenary Society and Building a Great Country Will Hutton’s new book should join the pledge card on the Labour campaign trail, writes Jacqui Smith

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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